The Hidden Beauties

The Hamilton Pool.


We finally made it. Now all we had to do was hike in the worn path. It wasn’t far from the beginning of the trail. But once we made it, the surreal landscape was breath taking. Turquoise water covered the zig zagging roots of the trees. As we kept following the path, the pool awaited us. That pale green translucent water looked beautiful. The sun captured it with its gaze, making its colors more vibrant. A waterfall cascaded on one side, dropping into the pool. It was as if we were captured in a bowl filling with water. Surrounding us were stone walls and cooler breeze came at us as we crept through the lower ceiling. The Hamilton Pool in Texas is definitely a nature wonder!



Stress has finally been omitted. The vacation has begun! Keys, we are now here! The sparkling ocean and the fresh air engulfs me. Now we are surrounded by many retired people that are laid back. There is no better place for them than here. Sit back and watch the time pass by, no worries, and no troubles.



The atmosphere is a bit dreary. Wind howls through the palm trees. Darkened clouds cover the sky, letting only trickles of light through. My thoughts keep drifting away. What does the future hold for me? A shadow jumps into my view, and leaves without recognition. Finally, it hits me! That shadow was just a memory. Something I had done in the past, resurfacing once again. It now is just a haunting flicker in my mind. Only brought up with little similarities.



The new year is just around the corner. Here in Florida, the weather has been hotter than usual. My head has been plummeting to its cry of anguish. It seems it would rather be in the cold, than try and endure this intoxicating humidity. Another Christmas in the Keys, where no snow is to be found. No pine trees, only decorated palm trees.


A new year, yet I’m still slacking. The cold breeze along with the snow in South Dakota, has helped my head. But yet, my body still hasnt caught back up to how it use to be. It is heart wrenching, being stuck in a pain stricken body at a young age. Through all this, I still believe I will be able to come over it. I just cannot give up on myself.




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