A Foggy Path

  A sudden fog collapses from the sky onto me. My life is now in a blur. The possibilities are hard to be seen. Focus is lost in the misty air. My heart still beats, but I’m at a loss.


My feelings keep tugging at my heart, willing it to beat even faster. It is the beginning to make my surrounding world even more confusing.

It is something meant to stand your ground. No matter how confusing it becomes, hold your ground.

The fog begins to swirl more desperately around me, as if trying to suffocate me. My vision is left with a misty white blob. I squint and soon see a dark figure in the fog. As it creeps closer, I feel a shudder throughout my body. It starts to become clearer now. The figure is turning into a lady with auburn hair as it gets closer. Once it is almost in front of me, a gasp comes out of me. It is me. The one lost in the endless fog was me.


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