The Land of the Free…

I’m reaching out to a dieing freedom. So many turn a blind eye. They keep ignorant, when the truth finally seeps out.

The land of the free… We were founded by immigrants, but yet now discrimination comes out from every corner in America multiple times. And now, once again. We have pointed a finger at black people, keeping them segregated. Then at women, taking away their right to vote. There has always seemed to be a finger at immigrants, and now, transgender.

Badlands, South Dakota

Good ole South Dakota, of course has to be the first state to be so close minded. They have passed two out of three bills so far that is directed at transgender. Why do we keep repeating the past? We can’t be stuck in an old way of thinking. More people want to be how they feel. Back in the older days, so many people hid from their true feelings. What a horrible way to live life.

We just keep repeating history.

As if one more time shouldn’t hurt.

Knowledge is power, but in America, money makes almost everyone sing a different tune. The lustful green takes over many people’s eyes. Clouding their view of what is truly happening around them.

The motion of the clock keeps moving forward, never missing a beat. As time progresses, it feels as though less and less care about what is happening in our own politics. As if it does’nt effect our lives! There are still soft spoken voices out there that need to make a stand. What ever you believe in, get it out there. Let your voice be heard!

Nowadays our privacy is limited. Our phone calls can be tapped, our emails or messages can be read. Even our privacy at home is being threatened.

We have drones that now fly around in America. Seems to me we are getting closer to ‘The Terminator’. All we need is Arnold yelling, “I’ll be back!”

Oh, what has America come to…


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