Remnants Lost…

Memories swirl around me, but I can’t grasp any of them. It fades in and out, then it slips through my fingers.

Growing up was just a blur. As a child, all the way until now, and still everything a bit hazy. Not much is remembered or can be stored away.

My mind has been left with a hole where memories would stay. Now they can easily leak out. Dang car accident! You have taken away future and past memories from me.

I try to remember, but the only thing that comes to mind is just a dark unshapely mass. My hands can not hold the snipets of past thoughts anymore. They keep slowly drifting between my fingers.

North Carolina

I watch as my blurry past memories glide through the trees. They soon disperse into the air, as if they were never there. Leaving me feeling just a little more lost.

A panic takes over my body. But as soon as I felt it, it was gone. Now lingering is only the thought of what is missing. At times, I feel empty. Always trying to locate memories, but their remains are gone. My feeling begins to spread across the vast wasteland. Devouring all that is in sight.


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