Sad but True

A distant shade of black creeps in. Everyone begins gasping for air as it suffocates them. What is this? They clasps their throats, willing themselves to breathe once again. To no avail…

We are stuck as we are, if no action is taken.

We will continue to suffocate from our own destruction.

We are the ones willing to be blind.

Step back and take a look around. Is this really how our government should be? I was taught actions speak louder than words. So take action! Let your voice be heard.

That darkness is thick, and looks as though it has no end. But the people are the one’s with power, power in numbers! “United we Stand!” Never forget, knoviewinstrwbryrokwledge is power. The media has been persuaded with money. Now they leave out so much in the news. But our internet still holds freedom, more than we have.

Everyone should have the choice to believe or feel anyway they do. If you want to learn more about something, you should be given that right.

In the past, this is what one did for America, to help it be for the people, all the people.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is a website of a former US citizen that found a home in Europe.



In Sweden, they have a law where you can tell the media any information and they can broadcast it. Unlike us, where if someone divulges information, some in the media would be threatened to lose their job or would destroy their station. Why do we have so much secrecy? So much information withheld from the people.


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