We must Prevail!

A wretched feeling keeps gnawing at me. I have come to a conclusion. My life has been a diminishing little thing here. I’m just a speck of dirt blown near so many others. We are easily trampled on. If only we could unite. But fear engulfs this place. Frantic eyes do not make eye contact for fear of the consequences.


I must go. I need to go. I’m filling with such despair. It’s almost to the brim, soon it will start to cascade from my sides.

There are many wicked eyes glaring down on its so called PEOPLE. How can this be? No one can stand! A huge weight holds everyone down! There is no way to catch your breath. You watch as life is withering away right before your eyes.

My sanity is slipping, to see such horror… Everyone is lost, left unnoticed.

Newest fotos 4118

Times need to change, and with it, fear.

The sun tries to peak through the clouds. But no matter how bright, it is covered in clouds. Until one day, it is only the sun with its beaming light showing the way.

We must prevail!

The dark night will be encroaching around us soon. But once it is over, we will be saved from this bottomless pit of the unknown.


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