The Flying Leaf

Today has been a blur. My head is at a bad spot. The thumping won’t stop. Words have been fumbling out of my mouth, as if intelligence has left them. The brain is not on my side, for now. But I will ease my way back into myself once again. Not much to do when this pounding won’t go away.

I venture out to the grassy world. The wind is brisk, but the sun sporadically peaks out of the clouds with warmth in its radiance. The birds chirp their joys. Spring is almost here. What a soothing melody.


It almost makes the throbbing feeling go unnoticed, almost. The pain now feels as though it’s burrowing deeper into my head. This swirling pain won’t let up.

I take a deep breath and let it go to mingle in the air. A leaf dances in the wind. As if it is trying to say something.

That imaginary world comes to life, as I watch the leaf. It transcends slower to the ground. Suddenly the wind picks up once again, taking the floating leaf on another wild ride. Up and down, twisting and turning.

The leaf and I actually have a lot in common. My life can also be like there is a whirlwind surrounding it.

As my body calms and I think of other things, the pain eases to only a little thrumming. Back to the normal feeling for me. Bearable.


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