Just another day in South Dakota. The land of solitude. Perhaps the unknown will saunter out of the woods to finally greet me.

My sporadic thoughts melt into one. Oh, how I would be different, if my choices hadn’t led me down this path. The strength I have, was built by necessity. I use to just react on impulse, no matter the consequences, but my patience has grown. Now, I try thinking things through and weigh the pros and cons. What lay in front of me now?

Linville, North Carolina

Adrenaline pumps through my veins. The excitement of a new adventure, I can see it on the horizon. Almost there.

The past is conjured back up. A cloud hangs over the presence of this old lover. My memories resurface and my heart accelerates. We hitch hiked together, traveling the west coast. My old road dog and I even hopped on some trains together. But in that time, he was missing that essential thing to give in return, respect. I was battered with his words and then, his actions. And here I thought, he liked me. No, he just liked replacing me with other girls on our trip. I guess he thought he could have both worlds, but I wasn’t going to stay by his side. I moved on, hitch hiked, just me and my loyal dog, Clyde.

My retched past I reflect on now. Yes, it was pretty bad at times, but if I never had that past, how would I know how good I have it now? Life is a double sided sword. You have to have the bad times in order to be grateful of the good times.

The Trip! 770

My heart now beats only for one. He captured it with his chivlary and stubborness. It was when I was still young and naive, thinking I could take on the world. Then my accident happened. This boy, still, was there for me, and his stubborness helped me not hurt myself even more than necessary. Never in my life would I have ever imagined myself with a Knight in shining armor. Okay, so maybe his armor’s a bit dirty and rusty, But that’s just the kind I like. Without this man, I would be missing pieces of myself.


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