Dancing with Pain

My head had its tussle with a car wreck. It happened two years ago, and to this day , I’m still healing. Forever broken, or for only a while longer? Hmm. . .

I will patiently await my future and what it holds for me. Lessons are held in so much you go through. I have more wisdom than what I had started with.  My path has been a rough one. Some days happened, where I didn’t recognize myself.  But here I am now, still alive.

That’s the first thing you must realize, you are the holder of your own future. Hold your ground, until you are ready for that first step. Humans can be strong!

My mind trails away, making an imaginary world to pass this healing process by. There are days where my squishy head will start booming through, letting me know, it’s in pain. Thanks for letting me know.

But nowadays, I have taken my healing process into my own hands. Now, the mending has begun. I start a new diet that stays away from processed, preservatives, pretty much anything, but fruits and vegetables. My head doesn’t pound as much! It almost has gone down to maybe once every couple of weeks! The Doctor told me, I would have issues with my back permenately. Well, I showed him. I can go to concerts now, and be able to last longer standing than before, until the pain comes. It is still just the beginning, but this is only after two weeks of the diet. What improvement! Plus, I have looked more into essential oils. Healing anidiotes that have been just in the backyard. Why don’t more people use oils or natural remedies we can make ourselves? It is cheaper, plus it actually helps the problem instead of covering it up. Don’t get me wrong, of course sometimes western medicine is needed. But so much has been clouded, that you can fix yourself.


Lavender helps my back pain, while Frankincense helps with my head. I have also found out, many oils by different companies out there have been diluted to spread it out more. But this makes it not as strong. Doterra is where its at. Although growing it yourself is cheaper. You just need the knowledge to begin the helping journey. The gate has opened, I can see the light. I will conquer this trial and be on top once again!


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