A Dreary Town

A wintry haze creeps over the town, destroying spring in its cold hands. Happiness drifts out of people, leaving a dead look in their eyes. A day of the cold trying to grasp anyone in its hold.


The town quiets, not much for movement. It has turned into a ghost town. The wind howls through the town, leaving a dusty path. The beginnings of a never lifting winter. Voices are left to a murmur. No one wants to break the silence. This weather is unheard of, and gives a dreary look on the horizon. What lays for their future?

Everyday now is left with dreariness. A girl starts to follow the dusty path as the others stay huddled together and many men scramble through the woods for fire wood. She takes one more glance at her friends in the pile of people, then walks away. The wind keeps making a trail which she follows, but the night is coming.

Her heart starts beating faster, but she doesn’t return. She wants to know why, why is this happening? Her fear is gulped down, and she slowly takes steps closer to the mountainous area.

The path was never there before, the wind has been dusting it free for vision to see.

She halts now realizing the path ends in an eerie pool of water. The water looks as though it is an endless hole with no ending. She closes her distance between the rocky pool of water. Now her heart is hammering as she leans over to look into the black water.

Her vision fogs, and then she is brought to memories. The past townspeople slaughtered many and stole their land. Screams echo in her head. Another memory takes over as if it was a mist.

One man from the town, tried to stand up for the innocent people. Many towns people backed him up and followed his ideas, but in an instant, the vision went to him being stabbed with a pitchfork. His death was the beginning of infortunate events for this town. Present day is ten years later after this man’s death.

Her vision blurs, and now she sees the town as it is now. People are beginning to die off from the cold. No one was prepared for this, but now everyone seems to be paying their debts.

She closes her eyes, tears swelling up.

You cannot rewrite the past…


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