And a New Beginning



The waves crash against the land. Over time, the limestone rocks transform into jagged pathways. A natural piece of artwork is left to stare at in awe. This place is streaming with tranquility.


Newest fotos 4345.jpg

Reality smashes into the dream world, becoming one. Cascading falls wash the city away, leaving a vast emptiness. Soon after, life begins there. Faster than the eyes could see. Now tall trees stand with lush green leaves swaying in the breeze. Birds chirp flying to and fro in the now enormous forest. The air smells better, and a stress that was unknown to me, left my side. A waterfall tumbles to life next to the forest. Fish begin to try and jump up the massive falls. A buzzing of bees takes over the sky and then disappear in the forest. Following in the bee’s path are flowers that burst out of the ground. All the colors of the rainbow are left on the outskirts of the forest.

Out of nowhere a brown bear appeared on top of the rocks where the falls begins. He tries catching the fish. Finally, he gets on in his mouth, and walks away happily to yet another forest that has been created.




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