The Booming Noise

Hey… I know it has been a while, but I’m working on getting it back. And soon, I will. I feel it bubbling over, it needs an outlet. It’s a good thing I got you. A thing that can withstand the drama and stress of this crazy life of mine.

The pain thumps back to life, then dwindles away. I don’t know what brought it out. Maybe the bustling streets, or the clanging of glasses. Static conversations can be heard from a far. It is not that bad, but in my ears, they seem to be amplified . I feel a heavy weight through out my head, trying to push me down.

There will come a day where this feeling doesn’t exist. I just have to keep remembering that and keep moving forward.

Indoor music shows nowadays are hard for me to bear. It takes energy from me just to be around there stimulated by everything and everyone. All the sounds cascading down on me. I begin to feel as though I’m suffocating. But I can take it in small doses. It has gotten better over these past two years.



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