Hidden Behind Closed Doors…

The surgery didn’t even faze me. Maybe because I have cleaned turkeys and chickens. Half of the ear had to go, it could be tumorous. So much knowledge just from that one surgery. Now what is in store for me? This was my interview to the surgical side of the veterinarian office. Learning something new is intriguing! It makes me feel like a giddy girl!


After standing for a half an hour, the sharp pain began. My lower back started to throb. But once the surgery was completed, my pain dissappated. Sporadic pains still occur, even though it has been two years. One day, this will all be a memory and nothing more.

The true colors have been shown from the Doctor. I now know, I can’t be around here any longer. I only lasted for about a month, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I stuck through this any longer. His short temper needs to be on a leash. The way he treats his workers is appaling. As the weeks progressed, I seen him make a new girl cry, make the atmosphere unbreathable with hostility in his voice. He wants everyone to stay calm in a stressful situation, but here he is doing the complete opposite.

No more standing back for me. I can’t take it, it goes against my own morals. Life is worth living, a job is worth enjoying. I just have to walk away. At least I gained some knowledge of the surgeries and medicine. Things I could possibly use in my future.


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