Frozen to the Core

The medallion is wiggled in front of my face. I try to justify grabbing for it, then I realize it was just a trick. Time has slowed, nothing moves. 

So much is needed to be done. But everyone is in a trance of the daily routine. How are we suppose to get better if no ones tries? Pushing forward is the only way to get out of this hypnotic spell. 
I push through the weight towards a lady. Its strength tries to hold me back, but I keep pushing. Slowly gaining steps. The woman I’m getting closer to is standing there with unblinking eyes. She doesn’t move. I’m almost close enough to touch her. I drive myself forward a little more through the heavy air. Finally I grab her wrist. 

An abrupt sound is heard and she is turned into dust. A wave of realization crashes into me. Now I am not stuck in a routine anymore.

I had found myself.


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