Stand with Standing Rock

Over 20,000 people are standing up for what they believe in. They are fighting in saving what helps create life, water. 

Many have looked at what has happened to these people in disbelief. They say this has been a fight going on longer than this stand off involving the  North Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. 

The first plan they had for the oil pipeline was to put it near a small town in North Dakota. But it was denied, on account being too close their water supply. The same reason at Standing Rock they are protecting their water source. The oil pipeline is suppose to be only a half a mile away from their water source. Now how on earth would these corporations think this would be a good idea?! This is what happens when money speaks louder than preserving life, or taking care of our environment. 

As of now, the North Dakota Access Pipeline has been put on a halt. The first battle has been won, this is only the beginning. The corporations will wait for the new President, and once that happens, they will try again. We must not let them win! This is bigger than the area it involves! This goes against how you should treat others. What really matters!

We have to be together, stand united! The more people we have against this pipeline, the harder it will be for these corporations to get their way.

As the natives have said water if life!

We must stay and fight this thing together!


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