Cherished Past

My most cherished memories would be my trip to Peru and Bolivia.
To be even more specific, it would be the day after the parade/festivities involving ink and foam, which was covering the streets.


My husband, who at the time, was just a friend came to the hostel to meet up with me. In Peru, we traveled together, but after two weeks, we went our own ways. While being in Bolivia, he came that way, and we met up a few times when I was traveling.
So he came to the hostel I was staying at, he couldn’t find what room I was in, because he didn’t recongize me. I was covered head to toe in purple and blue dye. The night before I was doused in ink, but since I was doing it back, it was expected.

Back to reality, my head pounded relentlessly. That Swedish boy coaxed me to go into the swimming pool, with a push. Then he jumped in after me and began scrubbing my ink infested body. About a half an hour passed, and I was clean as I could be. My head was still persistantly banging, and my energy was lost.
So we cuddled on my bed. I gave him my phone with a Thor game on it, his weakness, I found. Now at this time, he being a busy body, didn’t like staying in one place for a long time. But he did it this time.
As I had my head resting on his firm chest, I could hear his heart thump a steady beat. Then and there, I was washed over with a feeling of safety and comfort. Sleep soon took over me wiht the tune of his heart


Splish, Splash, Carnaval

March 4th, 2014

Well, the Carnaval in Santa Cruz, Bolivia was full of ink and foam, I was a purple smurf! With my ninja abilities, I got away with spraying foam at two police men. Oh sneaky me! The kids saw how ready I was with each hand holding onto a foam cans and my front pockets filled with ink bottles. You wanna mess with me? Bring it on! I was ready for battle.
I spray a child with the foam, then a little later, and gang of older children come for me. UH-NO, RUN! I can’t see! Foam in the eyes doesn’t help with the fight!


Last night, there was ten of us tourists, sticking out like sore thumbs. We went exploring the painted streets, watching the locals chase each other with water guns filled with paint. At times, the noise was deafening to the ears. The bands of trumpets, tubas, and drums, pass by us.
Everyone was just about covered in ink. The Brazilian couple and I were the worst, we looked like we went through a car wash of paint. I was in the fight and got some in the group in on it. Then my creations turned on me! NO! In our group, I have been now the outcast. GET HER!! I guess, I was getting out of hand…

Oh, the power!! Muawahahaha!

The next day, I felt my hangover, as if my head was a nail and someone had a hammer. Before I went to bed, I took a shower, then a long sleeve, along with pants. Turns out, that wasn’t enough to avoid the white sheets becoming purple. I forgot the most important thing. My hair, it was covered in purple. Damn it! Now I have to pay! Was it worth it? Hell yeah!

My face, hair, and body still have remains of the ink. That Swed of mine has made it to the hostel, and now is just staring back at my stained face. I’m ashamed. I lost the war, and he knows. The two of us are suppose to get some food, but he resists. ” You’re dirty, go clean.”
“But, I have tried, it won’t come off.”
“Go clean.”
“Are you serious? Let’s just go. I’m hungry.” He gets out of the pool and looks at me in my clothes. He grabs me and I protest, but to no avail. “Nooo!” SPLASH! I’m in my pajamas and now soaked in the pool. He goes to his backpack, then comes back into the pool with a bar of soap in hand. It has now become our own private bathtub. Yay!
Splish, splash, I’m taking a bath! He helps me, by scrubbing my face raw. I feel like a kid again, now don’t forget behind my ears. I’m presentable again, all expect for my hair, but if the Swed says it’s okay, then I guess it’s good enough.
Since it’s the carnaval, everything is closed. But not the Cinecenter! The arcade! Yes! We play shooting games and Tekken! MY FAVORITES! Finally, it’s time for a movie. We end up getting two GRANDE bags of popcorn, and this Swed, I found out, is a popcorn monster! He finishes his popcorn, the pop, then mine! Watch out kids, he’s unstoppable!

The City of Plastic


The city is covered in plastic. Some even have metal sheets in front of their stores. It’s going to be a massacre!

” There was a firefight!”

As Willem Dafoe would say, if he was here. Foam, paint, and water balloons galore.
The population here is 1.114 million, that’s a lot of party going down. This feels like the biggest city I have been in Bolivia, but I know that La Paz was bigger. It’s must so sprawled out here.

So I just had a very vivid sexual dream and now I can’t even act upon it. It involved this Brazilian guy (the Brazilians catching my fancy, always) I met that doesn’t speak very much English. I hope I wasn’t making any noise, because I was sleeping in a dorm. He was a great kisser, and man, in bed, amazing! For some reason, in my dream, he could speak English. I guess I like to hear my guy talk. He was like me, liked sex and acted upon impulses. So he had sex with this other girl in my dream as well…He was the guy version of me… Shit… That is how I am…

Momma’s Coming Home!

Four more days until I’m reunited with my baby! Come here! Clyde the KILLER!
I’ve had my dog for six years and this two month trip has been the longest away i have been from him. I think I’m addicted to my dog, but its okay, he’s addicted to me too.
My dreams having been the greatest lately either.


I go back, and my dog doesn’t recognize me. He snarls and barks at me! How horrible!

But now I’m so close! Only a little longer until I see his asshole face!
This new city Santa Cruz, I don’t like it (it’s a big city). It reminds me to much of South Cali., but I thought I’m supposed to be in Bolivia! What’s going on!? It’s modern, and there’s clothing shops everywhere! I can see meatheads and bros! Uh no!


Krusty Burger


The one burger that brought us all down, the Krusty Burger. If you want the full experience of this famous burger, try it out. We were fine on the first one, but I had to say, ” Let’s have another.” Oh, the pain! My stomach was not happy. The foreigners have an excuse, they didn’t know what krusty means. Well, I did, and I still ate it, twice! Danielle, oh your curiosity.
At Krusty Burger, there was no Duff beer, or even Slurm. What a downer. At least the burger held up to its name. I think my heart might of stopped beating, arteries clogged. Our night was cut short. Everyone’s bellies were feeling the wrath of the burgers!

War Zone, Run!


Sucre, there are pieces of water balloons scattered everywhere. It’s worse than yesterday. There’s a metal tower in the middle of the park, where the Bolivian kids wait at the top for their next victim. Today the gringo team is more prepared.  We make our homemade squirt guns out if water bottles. The German guy’s gun says Terminator and he made a strap out of duct tape. Very professional looking!
Massachusetts and I put our war paint on, we’re ready! I make her the avatar, while she makes me a kitty. Great just great! We get to the park, the six of us, ready for action. We buy bags after bags of water balloons. I chuck one from the top of the tower and hit a boy on the head. It soaks him, he’s pissed!
Water balloons are flying everywhere! We regroup, then we get surrounded by the older Bolivian kids. They are everywhere, slowly creeping closer with their ammo ready in hand. Retreat! Retreat!
We are pulverised! My clothes are drenched with water and foam. But I think we did pretty good for being only six gringos against an army of highschool kids. We’re the warriors!  “Warriors, come out to play!”


Mining town – February 22nd

Still in Potosi, and still hanging with the Swed. Now, I have met up with Massachusetts girl again! Trouble will be happening now. What excitement! The two of us together, ends up being filled with a lot of weirdness and fun.
They had a little parade today, and water balloons are still being thrown in the streets. Just until the Carnaval is over. It’s like being in a warzone with all these water balloons and squirt guns. Boys are on one side while the unsuspecting girls are on the other side. Then you have the stupid tourists (like me) walking in between.
Ready, aim, fire!

I know That I will never fully grow up. Who wants to grow up anyway? There´s a few times where I wanted to hold his hand, but I forced myself not to act upon that impulse. To much affection will open a door I´m trying to keep closed. I can fuck him, but I can´t show him that much affection. It´s a weakness.




4 Nights, 3 Hostels

The sexual tension is almost unbearable between the Swed and I. Every time we are around each other this happens.
He arrives at the hostel I’m staying at, La Casona, Potosi, Bolivia. When I see him, I’m filled with excitement. He looks darker than the last time I saw him. His green sweater really makes his eyes pop. The smile that he gives me makes my lower region tighten. We hug, then I find out he is staying in my dorm.
I crawl into his bed with him. It’s nice to cuddle once again.
I must of had a sexual dream because I start grinding against him. He reciprocates with his fingers. I awake, washed in lust. It becomes harder to be quiet. He brings me to climax, then stops. What an asshole! He does this two more times and I want to scream.
The next day, we get a private room, and I get what I demand. We go at it for about a day. The day ends with Thor (a game on my phone). What a champion!
Four nights and three different hostels with the Swed. Just seeing him without a shirt is hard for me to resist. Seeing those muscles brings the animal out of me. My hands explore his chest, then slowly venture down. I start to play with his belt, then undoing it. Now for the last obstacle, his pants. Easy, unbutton, unzip. No matter how many times I have done this, it still feels as though there’s a prize waiting on the other side of this fabric. He just watches me with those piercing turquoise eyes.
I’m the one in charge, he’s being so submissive. We start fucking, his brown dress tickling my back. We are like rabbits, we keep going and going.
The days end together, but we will meet again. He is a weird one, that Swed. He didn’t even say goodbye, he just left.
A loner, that’s what I would call him. Its not a bad thing, actually I think I prefer it. I get sick of always waiting for others. With him, he’s ready whenever, wherever.
Now he’s off to work in the mines, that crazy guy. He’s going to rack in the money, then get a wife, and have about five kids. Probably then divorce, all in one month. He wants to be a genuine miner. Oh the life of a miner in Potosi.


Ojo del Inca (Eye of the Inca)

I meet an Argentinian boy and a Spaniard. I’m invited to a hot spring with them! What fun! I can already tell the Argentinian is developing a crush on me, saying I’m a nice girl. Then he realizes I’m a bad girl, he can’t put his finger on what I really am. You poor ignorant boy, don’t play with fire! He doesn’t know anything about redheads. We’re soul eaters! I’m a succubus! But the Spaniard knows, he’s wary of me. Good!
The three of us are joined by a Chilean girl and we start our 20 minute walk up to the eye of the Inca hot spring. We make it to the top, and it’s breathtaking! The hot spring is more like a small lake, surrounded by mountains. Absolutely gorgeous!


Automatically, I want to stay here, but my hands and feet have the water sucked out of them.

They are covered in thick wrinkles, time to get out.
Later that day, at a restaurant with the boys,

a local tells us how about four or five people disappear from that hot spring. They are not sure why, but he thinks they were impure for the Eye of the Inca. I’m glad I made it!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to work we go!


Oh man! We are getting ready for the mines. We all are looking sexy in our hard hats, pants, and long sleeved shirts. The company is Big Deal owned by miners, so they know what’s up.
The mine is huge! Our guide explains there’s about 38 companies in this mountain. I take a deep breath and begin the journey inside. At times it gets so tiny, I just start to crawl. This is really testing my claustrophobia. I’m going to be crushed to bits, I have to go back! No, no, it’s all in  my head. Calm down. Breathe.


I always have to overcome my fears, it’s what makes you stronger.
Now, it’s time to climb the ladders straight up. Don’t  look down, just keep moving. Wow, these ladders are never ending, but finally I make it to the top and I’m the first one! Yay! We hang out with the god of mineral for the miners, which looks exactly like the devil for Christians. Coca surrounds him and is in his outstretched hand. Also, empty 96% alcohol bottles are scattered at his feet. They are all offerings to this god. He has an unusually large penis for fertility. His marble eyes glint from our head lamps and his mouth is in a wide open toothy grin. A rolled tobacco cigarette sticks out of his mouth. I wouldn’t want to be in this dark cave by myself with him, that’s for sure. He gives me the heebie jeebies.