Cherished Past

My most cherished memories would be my trip to Peru and Bolivia. To be even more specific, it would be the day after the parade/festivities involving ink and foam, which was covering the streets. My husband, who at the time, was just a friend came to the hostel to meet up with me. In Peru,... Continue Reading →


Splish, Splash, Carnaval

March 4th, 2014 Well, the Carnaval in Santa Cruz, Bolivia was full of ink and foam, I was a purple smurf! With my ninja abilities, I got away with spraying foam at two police men. Oh sneaky me! The kids saw how ready I was with each hand holding onto a foam cans and my... Continue Reading →

The City of Plastic

The city is covered in plastic. Some even have metal sheets in front of their stores. It's going to be a massacre! " There was a firefight!" As Willem Dafoe would say, if he was here. Foam, paint, and water balloons galore. The population here is 1.114 million, that's a lot of party going down.... Continue Reading →

Momma’s Coming Home!

Four more days until I'm reunited with my baby! Come here! Clyde the KILLER! I've had my dog for six years and this two month trip has been the longest away i have been from him. I think I'm addicted to my dog, but its okay, he's addicted to me too. My dreams having been... Continue Reading →

Krusty Burger

The one burger that brought us all down, the Krusty Burger. If you want the full experience of this famous burger, try it out. We were fine on the first one, but I had to say, " Let's have another." Oh, the pain! My stomach was not happy. The foreigners have an excuse, they didn't... Continue Reading →

War Zone, Run!

Sucre, there are pieces of water balloons scattered everywhere. It's worse than yesterday. There's a metal tower in the middle of the park, where the Bolivian kids wait at the top for their next victim. Today the gringo team is more prepared.  We make our homemade squirt guns out if water bottles. The German guy's... Continue Reading →

Mining town – February 22nd

Still in Potosi, and still hanging with the Swed. Now, I have met up with Massachusetts girl again! Trouble will be happening now. What excitement! The two of us together, ends up being filled with a lot of weirdness and fun. They had a little parade today, and water balloons are still being thrown in... Continue Reading →

4 Nights, 3 Hostels

The sexual tension is almost unbearable between the Swed and I. Every time we are around each other this happens. He arrives at the hostel I'm staying at, La Casona, Potosi, Bolivia. When I see him, I'm filled with excitement. He looks darker than the last time I saw him. His green sweater really makes... Continue Reading →

Ojo del Inca (Eye of the Inca)

I meet an Argentinian boy and a Spaniard. I'm invited to a hot spring with them! What fun! I can already tell the Argentinian is developing a crush on me, saying I'm a nice girl. Then he realizes I'm a bad girl, he can't put his finger on what I really am. You poor ignorant... Continue Reading →

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