The Vibration of Realization

I’m drenched in perspiration.  The thundering noise still echoes through my head. I still don’t know how I could react as I did, or even why. But it keeps replaying in my mind.

The choices that tumbled out to choose from were quickly snatched. My mind was racing, but I grabbed what I felt I was going to need. I have an inkling feeling of what the future holds. I will prevail.

My future begins to unravel in front of my eyes. It is as I thought, I will just have to stick with the choices I have made and my gut feeling. In that instant, the roar began. My whole body shook. The ground began to vibrate and many people started to panic. 

Without even thinking, I climbed a tree and spotted from a afar. A herd of buffalo came pounding toward us. Quickly I scanned the people.  It was decision time. I yelled down and told everyone to climb. The ones that could did. But a few older people were crippled and two children were struggling. 

Not much time was left. 

I climbed down with such force. I felt the urgency calling out within my body. The two kids were crying frantically. I grabbed the smaller one and ran to the tree beside me with people. There were open arms awaiting the child. I tossed the little girl to the couple and they held onto her as if they were her security blanket. 

The ground began to rattle even more. It was beginning to become hard to keep my balance. The little boy had followed me and I threw him onto my back.” Don’t let go! Hold tight!” I yelled over the thunderous pounding. I could see the herd now as i started grabbing the first branches. Just as I and the boy got out of reach, the buffalo came bolting through. A gust with tremendous force hit us with dust. My heart sank as I knew the 3 o,dear people didn’t make it. 

We waited until the dust had settled before moving. Once that happened, many began to climb down the trees. The boy hopped up onto my back again and we descended down the tree. He jumped off of me and sprinted towards his little sister. 

Blood was splattered everywhere. None of the older people that were left on the ground were moving, except one. An elderly woman held out her twitching hand. I ran over to her and took it in both of mine. Her body was bloodied and her intestines were sprawled out. 

There was no saving her and she knew it. My heart sunk. We both knew what had to be done. I grabbed the knife I chose earlier and held back my tears. “Do it.” She gurgled through her bloodied mouth.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered and sliced her throat as tears began to fall from my face. I dropped to my knees and sobbed.

You can’t save everyone…


Stuck in Repetition 

More and more information is being found. I’m left speechless. This country is turning into a mini America. How can that be?! I thought it was a progressive place here with their sense of helping others without any underline goal. Here in Sweden they recycle nearly 100% of household waste. They have some of the best schools in the world. Also, gender equality is leaps and bounds better than many other countries.

But the more I’m learning, it is like here they are repeating what America has done in the past. You would think here they would learn from America’s mistakes and NOT follow in their footsteps! It seems any other way is lost to them. 

America with its shiny media blinding many from seeing what is really happening there. My heart breaks to see that it is like a replay button has been hit in this country. But I will not stand not sit for it to happen. Here, I feel my voice can be heard and won’t be muffled by corporations or anyone for that matter. My words may even hold some personal meaning to others. 

Everyone no matter race,gender, age, or sexuality, should stand together, no matter what! 

Slithered in Evil

Written in 2008

At the beginning I had a feeling the outside would be bad. But I kept riding on this roller coaster. He came across as a nice guy maybe a little troublemaker, but nothing I couldn’t handle. 
Then everything went black. My life suddenly spun out of  my hands into his. 

An Evil grin spread upon his face as his eyes narrowed to slits. He started spatting venomous words at me. My heart dropped, and I kept feeling like it was my fault when I had done nothing wrong. Tears streamed down from my eyes, leaving salty trails behind. ‘I must be a Whore!’ He says I am.

For some reason, I believed his hateful words. I felt he was the only one who would accept me for how I am. So I never left. We were together everyday. No longer could I talk to my friends that were guys, because in my heart I knew those ghastly words would come out of his poisonous mouth. If he knew I had talked to boys, his body would soon radiate with how furious he was. My feelings would cower inside of me, waiting for his body to connect with my own. But I would never show him my fear, he could never break my pride. 

Fights began happening daily and he soon realized his grip on me was becoming loose. He tried to control me even more, trying to use drugs as my achille’s heel. But he soon found out, ‘ I’M NOT A DRUGGIE!’ I can say NO! So he began forcing me to eat pills and hits of acid. 

A otherworldy feeling took over my body. I could look at my own self, and I looked broken. My independent self was lost, no where to be seen. 

Something dark and menacing hovered over my body, whispering in a language never heard of. My body responded and let this human-like demon have a firm grip on me. 

Slowly, my eyes began to open again. I now realized some people do not have any good left in their hearts. I was just being a good person, letting someone close that needed help. Always seeing the good in people instead of what was really happening. For being a Caring person, I get stomped on and thrown in the dirt. I kept giving, even when I had nothing to give. My own heart was ripped out of my chest, then crushed. Right before my tear filled eyes. 

It’s his fault I had to leave a place that I had finally felt accepted. His own selfish intensions left me penniless, used, and broken hearted. But now I know, not to be so caring. I am stronger now! He pushed my mental capacity to its fullest. Now, I think I can take on the World. I am ready to step out of my hole once again.

Forcing Ideas into Your Head

My world has been turned upside down. I’m at a loss for words. This feeling of confusion grabs a hold of my body. My vision beomes cloudy and now I’m standing in darkness. Nothing can be seen, it feels like hours, then I hear his voice calling out my name. His voice begins to hold panic. I start to run towards his sound. Urgency holds in his tone and gets louder as I get closer. I find a door and swing it open.

Immediately, I’m blinded by the light. I wake up coughing up something gooey and black. It quickly runs away. My vision clears and I’m on the floor with my husband hovering over me. His eyes are swollen with tears, and he grabs me for a hug. A sigh of relief escapes his lips. My memory is still foggy, what had happened?

I shake my head, trying to clear the mist of lost pieces. Then at that moment some of the memory floods back into my brain. I gasp as images play once again in my head. I remember seeing a black liquid thing form out of a big puddle in front of my eyes and trudges towards me. For some reason my body couldn’t move. It grabbed my face and opened my mouth. I was frozen with fear. It breathed some black thing inside of me. My eyes turned completely black for a second, and then went back to normal. The stiffness I felt, slowly left, and the monster thing treaded itself back to the puddle.

Snipets of images come across my mind. A little girl with black curls turning into gold curls. For a brief moment I see dead trees near a graveyard. Another image of the moon’s light shining down on the emptiness of a grassy field.

These pieces don’t add up. What does this mean?


A Dreary Town

A wintry haze creeps over the town, destroying spring in its cold hands. Happiness drifts out of people, leaving a dead look in their eyes. A day of the cold trying to grasp anyone in its hold.


The town quiets, not much for movement. It has turned into a ghost town. The wind howls through the town, leaving a dusty path. The beginnings of a never lifting winter. Voices are left to a murmur. No one wants to break the silence. This weather is unheard of, and gives a dreary look on the horizon. What lays for their future?

Everyday now is left with dreariness. A girl starts to follow the dusty path as the others stay huddled together and many men scramble through the woods for fire wood. She takes one more glance at her friends in the pile of people, then walks away. The wind keeps making a trail which she follows, but the night is coming.

Her heart starts beating faster, but she doesn’t return. She wants to know why, why is this happening? Her fear is gulped down, and she slowly takes steps closer to the mountainous area.

The path was never there before, the wind has been dusting it free for vision to see.

She halts now realizing the path ends in an eerie pool of water. The water looks as though it is an endless hole with no ending. She closes her distance between the rocky pool of water. Now her heart is hammering as she leans over to look into the black water.

Her vision fogs, and then she is brought to memories. The past townspeople slaughtered many and stole their land. Screams echo in her head. Another memory takes over as if it was a mist.

One man from the town, tried to stand up for the innocent people. Many towns people backed him up and followed his ideas, but in an instant, the vision went to him being stabbed with a pitchfork. His death was the beginning of infortunate events for this town. Present day is ten years later after this man’s death.

Her vision blurs, and now she sees the town as it is now. People are beginning to die off from the cold. No one was prepared for this, but now everyone seems to be paying their debts.

She closes her eyes, tears swelling up.

You cannot rewrite the past…

We must Prevail!

A wretched feeling keeps gnawing at me. I have come to a conclusion. My life has been a diminishing little thing here. I’m just a speck of dirt blown near so many others. We are easily trampled on. If only we could unite. But fear engulfs this place. Frantic eyes do not make eye contact for fear of the consequences.


I must go. I need to go. I’m filling with such despair. It’s almost to the brim, soon it will start to cascade from my sides.

There are many wicked eyes glaring down on its so called PEOPLE. How can this be? No one can stand! A huge weight holds everyone down! There is no way to catch your breath. You watch as life is withering away right before your eyes.

My sanity is slipping, to see such horror… Everyone is lost, left unnoticed.

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Times need to change, and with it, fear.

The sun tries to peak through the clouds. But no matter how bright, it is covered in clouds. Until one day, it is only the sun with its beaming light showing the way.

We must prevail!

The dark night will be encroaching around us soon. But once it is over, we will be saved from this bottomless pit of the unknown.

Sad but True

A distant shade of black creeps in. Everyone begins gasping for air as it suffocates them. What is this? They clasps their throats, willing themselves to breathe once again. To no avail…

We are stuck as we are, if no action is taken.

We will continue to suffocate from our own destruction.

We are the ones willing to be blind.

Step back and take a look around. Is this really how our government should be? I was taught actions speak louder than words. So take action! Let your voice be heard.

That darkness is thick, and looks as though it has no end. But the people are the one’s with power, power in numbers! “United we Stand!” Never forget, knoviewinstrwbryrokwledge is power. The media has been persuaded with money. Now they leave out so much in the news. But our internet still holds freedom, more than we have.

Everyone should have the choice to believe or feel anyway they do. If you want to learn more about something, you should be given that right.

In the past, this is what one did for America, to help it be for the people, all the people.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is a website of a former US citizen that found a home in Europe.



In Sweden, they have a law where you can tell the media any information and they can broadcast it. Unlike us, where if someone divulges information, some in the media would be threatened to lose their job or would destroy their station. Why do we have so much secrecy? So much information withheld from the people.