Victims Memories Never Leave

Change is knocking on the door. Panic seeps to my bones. Am I ready to take action? Of course! I gulp down my fear and take steps to the door. But no matter how many steps I take, it keeps staying at the same distance. I begin to run towards it, feeling a pull that... Continue Reading →


The Truth Unfolds

The vines surround me, holding me back from the truth. I grab my sword and begin slicing. But they keep multiplying! I frantically search my mind for ideas, and then I remembered. I saw an unground cavern behind me. Maybe it leads this way. It is a chance I'm willing to take. I swing my... Continue Reading →

The Vibration of Realization

I'm drenched in perspiration.  The thundering noise still echoes through my head. I still don't know how I could react as I did, or even why. But it keeps replaying in my mind. The choices that tumbled out to choose from were quickly snatched. My mind was racing, but I grabbed what I felt I... Continue Reading →

Stuck in Repetition 

More and more information is being found. I'm left speechless. This country is turning into a mini America. How can that be?! I thought it was a progressive place here with their sense of helping others without any underline goal. Here in Sweden they recycle nearly 100% of household waste. They have some of the... Continue Reading →

Slithered in Evil

Written in 2008 At the beginning I had a feeling the outside would be bad. But I kept riding on this roller coaster. He came across as a nice guy maybe a little troublemaker, but nothing I couldn't handle.  Then everything went black. My life suddenly spun out of  my hands into his.  An Evil... Continue Reading →

Forcing Ideas into Your Head

My world has been turned upside down. I'm at a loss for words. This feeling of confusion grabs a hold of my body. My vision beomes cloudy and now I'm standing in darkness. Nothing can be seen, it feels like hours, then I hear his voice calling out my name. His voice begins to hold... Continue Reading →

A Dreary Town

A wintry haze creeps over the town, destroying spring in its cold hands. Happiness drifts out of people, leaving a dead look in their eyes. A day of the cold trying to grasp anyone in its hold. The town quiets, not much for movement. It has turned into a ghost town. The wind howls through... Continue Reading →

We must Prevail!

A wretched feeling keeps gnawing at me. I have come to a conclusion. My life has been a diminishing little thing here. I'm just a speck of dirt blown near so many others. We are easily trampled on. If only we could unite. But fear engulfs this place. Frantic eyes do not make eye contact... Continue Reading →

Sad but True

A distant shade of black creeps in. Everyone begins gasping for air as it suffocates them. What is this? They clasps their throats, willing themselves to breathe once again. To no avail... We are stuck as we are, if no action is taken. We will continue to suffocate from our own destruction. We are the... Continue Reading →

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