Music through the Forest

The pounding of the music travels through out the forest. It devours nature with its beats. Probably over 500 people have come to hear the DJs. Many families are scattered in this family forest festival. The name is Forest Star Festival and it is in Sweden, the country that has 70% of its lands woods. ... Continue Reading →


Slithered in Evil

Written in 2008 At the beginning I had a feeling the outside would be bad. But I kept riding on this roller coaster. He came across as a nice guy maybe a little troublemaker, but nothing I couldn't handle.  Then everything went black. My life suddenly spun out of  my hands into his.  An Evil... Continue Reading →

Cherished Past

My most cherished memories would be my trip to Peru and Bolivia. To be even more specific, it would be the day after the parade/festivities involving ink and foam, which was covering the streets. My husband, who at the time, was just a friend came to the hostel to meet up with me. In Peru,... Continue Reading →

Lost in a Mirage

                                            Written in 2008     At the beginning, I had a feeling the outcome would be bad, but I kept on riding this roller coaster. He came across as a nice guy, maybe a little troublemaker. But nothing I couldn't handle. Then everything went black... My     life                         suddenly    spun                                             out                                         of my... Continue Reading →

Blundering Down

Memories of my past resurface as I sit next to my drunk father at a dive bar. Many times I had to drag him out of bars, and at 14 years old. I became a babysitter for that man once my license was in hand. What a chore, trying to bring that alcoholic man home.... Continue Reading →

Dream Come True?

Everything feels as if it has been put on a halt. Sadly, this trip maybe coming to an end. Money has become sparse. Crumbling within my grasp. I'm losing my hold, I can't pull it back!           I may have misplaced my mind. What to do... Where to look... I bid adieu to you! Have... Continue Reading →

Madness will come…

                                             December 7th Oh, the people. So laid back and friendly. When I think of Texas, I think of guns, cowboys, and craziness! But this visit to Austin has been tremendously nice! Oh wait! I spoke to soon! Once we left that wondrous place, the bog vehicles started sticking out. 1out of every 50 was... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again…

The quickness on getting out of here has begun. A recreational trip to the beauty forgotten by many. Surrounded by people will dwindle and come back sporadically with every new town and city. 22 states in 3 months with 2 cats, 1 dog, and 2 humans. All crammed in a van, what a treat! Pieces... Continue Reading →

Don’t Drink the Poison!

Arkansas, what an unusual place. But I have been there many times. I have family there, and my closest cousins as well. Once we made it to Arkansas, it was around me and my cousin's mutual birthday! But he's two years younger than me. Still not old enough for the bar. Off we went to... Continue Reading →

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