Live to the Fullest!

Life keeps plunging forward as if it was a never ending tide crashing on the beach. The moon lights up the beach, making the waves glint with secrets and mystery. 
Many pass everyday, never knowing how beautiful each day holds. A simple breeze can be delicate, the clouds can hold joy. But yet people go on with their own lives,never taking the chance to enjoy what surrounds them. 

Some wonder why their life is so Boring. All they need to do is open their blinded eyes and see the World in a different light.


Tunnel Time

The day is creeping closer where I have to go in that dreaded tunnel.
I have never had an MRI before. Secrets will be unraveled! Doors will be opened, and out will come the good and the bad.
I can already see it playing out. My body’s getting closer and closer to being eaten alive by this man made object. My heart beat accelerates, my breathing quickens as the light disappears. Freedom is dissipating, I’m trapped in this contraption of otherworldliness.

“Stop it, I will just smack the craziness outta ya!”

Hmm… What a conundrum. To have a MRI or to have the craziness smacked out of me. Choices, choices.

I have waited to long, in the box I go!

Blundering Down

Memories of my past resurface as I sit next to my drunk father at a dive bar. Many times I had to drag him out of bars, and at 14 years old. I became a babysitter for that man once my license was in hand. What a chore, trying to bring that alcoholic man home. But don’t worry, I will drag you from your hiding spot. No hiding in the bathroom. Besides that bartender knows me oh so well.


The night life in Key West, FL., what a mess! So many people come to explore the oh so famous, Duval crawl. Wasted people go to bar after bar leaving the street a rampaging mess of drunkenness. In the end, you will be crawling!

Just another day awaiting for that sun to take me out! Who would of thought that I have new issues as we travel to new climates? I guess I figured, but I was in denial mode. I keep that in my back pocket on the regular. I like to forget that I’m a bit broken. Now off to our mighty pirate ship! Tharrr be booty!

Madness will come…

                                             December 7th
Oh, the people. So laid back and friendly. When I think of Texas, I think of guns, cowboys, and craziness! But this visit to Austin has been tremendously nice!


Oh wait! I spoke to soon! Once we left that wondrous place, the bog vehicles started sticking out. 1out of every 50 was not a guzzling gas hog. I wouldn’t have thought of Texas having small lil’ole german towns, but there’s at least three. A parade involving a blown up beer bottle with lights on it, is almost as hick as you can get. It also involved tractors blazing with colors, and a train of jeeps.


The music erupts the streets. Each bar has a different band playing. Silence is hard to come by on these streets of New Orleans.
Now I should have kept giving up on that dang alcohol. That deviant stuff! The next day I awoke without a dog and without a husband. Just the two cats and I, in the van. A panic overwhelmed me. I couldn’t remember the night before! Let alone know how I made it back here. Finally in a frantic panic of repeatedly calling my man, he answered. I became stunned once he had told me what I had done. My bitchy side came out on him with full force. He ended venturing to a park and sleeping there with my dog. It was over me being just ridiculous, I pushed him away, for nothing. At least he has forgiven me, this is someone worth holding onto. The rest of this roller coaster ride, I will be working on making up to him.


To the Sun Studio, where the famed used to roam. I can almost picture it, seeing Johnny Cash being driven down the street. Having his limo rampaged by fans. Chaos everywhere, and the screaming, almost too much to bare!

The history of human skulls captivates me. Their sunken eye sockets pull me into another world. The past comes alive! Not so many feelings cross the brain. It is just left with physical needs. My head jolts back to reality. I’m standing in a museum, a bit dazed. The sights begin with dinosaurs, then to human progression and culture. Many extinct animals were brought up and explored for more knowledge.
I’m left in awe and wonderment. The science of it all, leaves me a gasp.


Down they Go!

“A woman has to live her life, or live to repent not having lived it.”
― D.H. LawrenceLady Chatterley’s Lover


Another one bites the dust! The coast guard boy is falling for me hard. Just like the one before that and the one before that. Why do these boys become smitten with me, especially since I’m straight forward with them by saying, I don’t want a boyfriend. I guess it falls on deaf ears. Already, the coast guard boy has called me, just to say goodnight. Now, it’s time for his ship to depart, and he wants more time with me. And, I have only met him up with him twice! I haven’t even had sex with him! What is going on?? No matter how many times this happens, it still shocks me.


My mom did point out that it has always been like this though.

In high school, I was a floater, I hung out with all different kinds of groups. The punks, the outcasts, the academic kids, and other randoms. I had a lot of guys friends, and I like sex, so I would have friends with benefits. But this always would end up a mess. The boys I would have sex with, would want more than that, a relationship, yuck! Not the thing for me, I mean, I have had relationships, but that’s because I wanted a full time sex partner. Or, I was pushed into some kind of relationship. All of them ended on a bad note. These guys made me feel like more of a guy than them, because I like one night stands. They didn’t like having one night stands with me though. They became insatiable with only that, they wanted more of me. They wanted my freedom! What a headache, and here I thought these guys wouldn’t try putting shackles on me, and not the fun kind either. 

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
― Virginia WoolfA Room of One’s Own

St. Patty’s Day Vs. Key West

Saturday in the Key West. There’s green wherever you look. Drunk people plague the streets. It’s the Duval Crawl! Both of the sides of the street are covered in bars. You get kicked out of one, there’s another one next to it. Because it’s spring break and St. Patty’s Day weekend, the police are out in full force.


My ma and I enjoyed people watching. We saw an ostrich on a bicycle, some old ladies that showed off a little too much skin, and many people doing the tipsy walk.
A ladies wrinkled flabby skin moves the opposite direction as she when she dances to and fro. What a sight! It’s mesmerizing, it’s like watching an accident happen, you can’t look away!
Some hours pass, we have been bar hopping, finally we are at our last stop, Dirty Harry’s bar. I met some of the coastguard. Just imagining them in their uniforms, gets me all excited! Right away, I’m attracted to the one that’s from the Bahamas. Those muscles just make me want to melt! I gulp down more beers and now can’t resist the urge to touch him. Such a nice chest, those muscles! If only I had a spoon. Then I could gobble him up!


Good thing pops isn’t here. He would have a heart attack! He’s a bit of a racist… Not good. I guess I can understand because of his childhood. He grew up in Ohio, when segregation began. But at his school, he was the only white boy. His four sisters were sent to a private school, but not him.
Everyday, he had to walk to school. One day, the black girls beat him up, strip him, and sent him on his way back home, naked. Other times, the black boys thought he was hitting on the girls from the school. He was chased all the way home. Everyday, a new obstacle appeared for him to conquer. He sure didn’t win them all, but a hatred began to grow in the pit of his stomach. He made a few friends, but most of his life was filled with beatings, humility, and disrespect.

Teleportation… maybe.

Tiki Shack

March 15,2014

Wow… It has been quite some time. Oh, the Keys. It’s spring break, st. Patty’s Day around the corner. Do I for see the future a bit crazy? My ma and I have decided, it’s time to go out. Hooray! Doing something! I feel as though I have been cooped up with nothing to do with my time but be teleported into a few books. But reading has even begun to bore me. I need entertainment!