Iquitos- January 19th, 2014

The walk of boredom ends with a Peruvian boy (a persuasive boy, I might add) trying to woo me over. He´s smoking me up, and trying to have a spanish conversation with me (I know very, very little spanish). Sometimes it took a while for me to actually understand what he is trying to say.... Continue Reading →


Boat Ride!- January 19th, 2014

I´m looking down at the pathetic cows on the boat. Their ribs and hips protrude out of their skin. They look like they are going to die at any moment.  One falls over and gets trampled on for a bit, then the workers notice. They tie that one to the side of the pin. What... Continue Reading →

Iquitos here we come!- January 18th, 2014

I´m on a boat! I´m on a boat!It has been a day on this boat, and we still have about 1-3 days left until Iquitos (the biggest city in the jungle). I have been hearing that the people in the city are beautiful. I´m going to find a handsome guy, that´s funny, and he will take... Continue Reading →

Ayahuasca- Lagunas: January 14th, 2014

This was not something I would have gone out of my way for. This thing supposedly cleanses the body, but in doing so, makes you feel like shit. Puking, dizzy, and alot of waiting... We stayed at the shaman´s for 4 days: first day: Ayahuasca second day: Recovery third day: Ayahuasca fourth day: Recovery Now... Continue Reading →

DAY 4: Amazons- January 13th, 2014

So, in the middle of the night, in the second night, we got flooded. We had to hurry and set up camp once again in the rain at 4am. Once the day started, we went walking through the jungle. We saw a truantula hanging out on a tree and also other insects. The guides cut... Continue Reading →

DAY 1: January 9th, 2014 (The Jungle)

The amazons, we have seen a sticky legged frog, a centipede, and we got to set up camp in the rain! Oh, and we are still alive. I like it! The guides are in their element here. They made a fire for cooking in the pouring rain, and they make sure that we are taken... Continue Reading →

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