Beloi Viewpoint in Greece

As we progressed up the mountain in our rental car, the weather drastically changed. It was just raining, but the higher we got, it turned into snow. The winds tempo became erratic and harder. Fog had descended onto us and snow was coming down in spurts. My gut feeling said, "Don't do it!" Suddenly, we... Continue Reading →


Burrowed Truth

The sound of water crashing against rocks woke me. I sat up quickly, drenched in water. I realized I was on a beach, but where. The sun's rays beat down on me, while I try to grasp what had happened. I touched my back. I fill with relief, my sword is still there. My head... Continue Reading →

Northern Greece Calls

As our road trip began, I was a little skeptical. But as we rolled farther away from Thessaloniki, my eyes took in the beauty of green mountains and a feel a wildlife. It was breathtaking. Trees covered many high mountains with boulders sporadically out in the middle of nowhere. Many times we stopped to take... Continue Reading →

The Airport Blues

I'm going back in time. To a land that was once powerful and prospered. Where castles stood tall and wine was held high! Many of the mythology gods came from this well known country. Greece... The ruins hold secrets of the past. So much history can be seen in the remains scattered through out the... Continue Reading →

Victims Memories Never Leave

Change is knocking on the door. Panic seeps to my bones. Am I ready to take action? Of course! I gulp down my fear and take steps to the door. But no matter how many steps I take, it keeps staying at the same distance. I begin to run towards it, feeling a pull that... Continue Reading →

The Truth Unfolds

The vines surround me, holding me back from the truth. I grab my sword and begin slicing. But they keep multiplying! I frantically search my mind for ideas, and then I remembered. I saw an unground cavern behind me. Maybe it leads this way. It is a chance I'm willing to take. I swing my... Continue Reading →

Chaos within the Mind

The feeling of being lost is beginning to weigh on me. What I say I want, is that really it? Or am I hiding away my own truth from myself? A void is growing within me. It creeps throughout me, getting bigger. The pain is unmistakably recognized. My world spins out of control. I'm losing... Continue Reading →

Wave Cave Trail

The path began as an easy one for at least half the trail. Then I  came up on the rocky areas. Someone used rocks as a tiny wall to represent over it, is not part of the path. Don't get lost! So many did not realize this, and thus became lost. As I walked, bigger... Continue Reading →

The Adrenaline of Dog Sledding

I felt nervous. We were forewarned, soon nothing would be heard. As the dogs were getting into their harnesses, the barking of excitement erupted. It progressed even more when they were being hooked to the sleds. My ears started ringing and the adrenaline pumped harder through out my body. I felt like a fast drum... Continue Reading →

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