My heart doesn’t miss a beat, but it still aches. A different kind of ache. I long to be held by that love of mine. His warm breath on my neck brings chills to my body. My heart and loins start to react just from the thought of him. How long am I to wait? My body is beginning to go crazy.

Being apart has been good and bad. We have found our independence once again. But I also realize once again, that he is special to me. My thoughts throughout the days always ends up back at his door step. Wondering what he would do in this position or how he would react. 

Happiness spurts out when I see he is calling. Just hearing his voice helps ease the pain of being apart. 

I must be madly twitterpated with this one of a kind guy. 

Ours worked a bit differently though. It wasn’t at first sight but over time it grew. Slowly our walls began tumbling down. We both realized it, and once I knew this was love I had for him. I almost ran with fright. To have your guard down with someone, and not even flinching on the idea that now you’re vulnerable. That is scary!



Just another day in South Dakota. The land of solitude. Perhaps the unknown will saunter out of the woods to finally greet me.

My sporadic thoughts melt into one. Oh, how I would be different, if my choices hadn’t led me down this path. The strength I have, was built by necessity. I use to just react on impulse, no matter the consequences, but my patience has grown. Now, I try thinking things through and weigh the pros and cons. What lay in front of me now?

Linville, North Carolina

Adrenaline pumps through my veins. The excitement of a new adventure, I can see it on the horizon. Almost there.

The past is conjured back up. A cloud hangs over the presence of this old lover. My memories resurface and my heart accelerates. We hitch hiked together, traveling the west coast. My old road dog and I even hopped on some trains together. But in that time, he was missing that essential thing to give in return, respect. I was battered with his words and then, his actions. And here I thought, he liked me. No, he just liked replacing me with other girls on our trip. I guess he thought he could have both worlds, but I wasn’t going to stay by his side. I moved on, hitch hiked, just me and my loyal dog, Clyde.

My retched past I reflect on now. Yes, it was pretty bad at times, but if I never had that past, how would I know how good I have it now? Life is a double sided sword. You have to have the bad times in order to be grateful of the good times.

The Trip! 770

My heart now beats only for one. He captured it with his chivlary and stubborness. It was when I was still young and naive, thinking I could take on the world. Then my accident happened. This boy, still, was there for me, and his stubborness helped me not hurt myself even more than necessary. Never in my life would I have ever imagined myself with a Knight in shining armor. Okay, so maybe his armor’s a bit dirty and rusty, But that’s just the kind I like. Without this man, I would be missing pieces of myself.

Madness will come…

                                             December 7th
Oh, the people. So laid back and friendly. When I think of Texas, I think of guns, cowboys, and craziness! But this visit to Austin has been tremendously nice!


Oh wait! I spoke to soon! Once we left that wondrous place, the bog vehicles started sticking out. 1out of every 50 was not a guzzling gas hog. I wouldn’t have thought of Texas having small lil’ole german towns, but there’s at least three. A parade involving a blown up beer bottle with lights on it, is almost as hick as you can get. It also involved tractors blazing with colors, and a train of jeeps.


The music erupts the streets. Each bar has a different band playing. Silence is hard to come by on these streets of New Orleans.
Now I should have kept giving up on that dang alcohol. That deviant stuff! The next day I awoke without a dog and without a husband. Just the two cats and I, in the van. A panic overwhelmed me. I couldn’t remember the night before! Let alone know how I made it back here. Finally in a frantic panic of repeatedly calling my man, he answered. I became stunned once he had told me what I had done. My bitchy side came out on him with full force. He ended venturing to a park and sleeping there with my dog. It was over me being just ridiculous, I pushed him away, for nothing. At least he has forgiven me, this is someone worth holding onto. The rest of this roller coaster ride, I will be working on making up to him.


To the Sun Studio, where the famed used to roam. I can almost picture it, seeing Johnny Cash being driven down the street. Having his limo rampaged by fans. Chaos everywhere, and the screaming, almost too much to bare!

The history of human skulls captivates me. Their sunken eye sockets pull me into another world. The past comes alive! Not so many feelings cross the brain. It is just left with physical needs. My head jolts back to reality. I’m standing in a museum, a bit dazed. The sights begin with dinosaurs, then to human progression and culture. Many extinct animals were brought up and explored for more knowledge.
I’m left in awe and wonderment. The science of it all, leaves me a gasp.


Cave Life

Bats, come out, come out wherever you are!

I’m being swallowed whole and left in the dark. Everything seems closer to me than it actually is. Going into the Blanchard Springs Cavern your depth perception becomes a liar. Surrounded by rock and learning how it all was created was pretty amazing! And to think, it’s still alive. Like a living breathing thing, except it can’t move. Darn cave! When it is freezing outside, it would stay warm in here, in its belly.


This newfound white fungus, is wiping out cave bats! Fatality a year to the ones who get it is 90%! Soon these bats will become extinct! Our life cycle will alter once again, not for the better either. Many don’t realize how it’s the small things that play a big part in the eco system. 

Come one, come all! Step up and build the bats homes!


Decorations start consuming the streets. It’s the beginning of December, everyone’s stirring, even a mouse. It seems Christmas starts early in the U.S.. No matter where you are.
Our journey is still going smoothly. Yeehaw! Hanging out in Dallas, Texas!
We stumbled upon a stampede of cattle, rampaging in a park! They were ferocious with their long steel horns. These metal beast trying to ambush us! Good thing they are stuck in their places! They can’t stand up to my almightyness! Hah!


Engulf Me!


November 21, 2014
We are creeping on towards the Death Valley, where there lies a castle, a volcano crater, springs, Dante’s Peak, and many other sights to see. The road trip is going on a week and still is on a good note. Let’s keep it there!
Many eyes are on me, enjoying the trip through me. Sure everyone, I will explore for all to see!
A bombardment of feelings proceed to grow. This trip only seems to bring us closer. If we were an average couple, living in a van together would be living in hell.
Being full of wonderment about the new and exciting things is helpful. We are not going to burn out anytime soon!


November 28,2014
We finally had our first fight. The heat started perspiring out of our pores. But it was bound to happen when we drove about 36 hours straight! We made it to Arkansas in one piece though. Thanksgiving with the crazy family.


This head of mine can’t take this abuse! The eruption of words from everyone’s mouths all at once! I can’t take it! I feel as if the inside of my brain is crumbling from the chaos. So much intensity!
I’m used to living on a mountain, just two of us. Now, seeing so many people that are loud and boisterous is too much for my brain to handle. The pounding is accelerating into a roar. I cannot stop it! Yet another bad day.


On the Road Again…

The quickness on getting out of here has begun. A recreational trip to the beauty forgotten by many.
Surrounded by people will dwindle and come back sporadically with every new town and city.
22 states in 3 months with 2 cats, 1 dog, and 2 humans. All crammed in a van, what a treat!


Pieces of the puzzle are now finally aligning. It will soon be finalized. Follow the lines that are left in the shadows to find the greatest surprise.
Now we are definitely testing the waters. If this tie can handle it, a trip like this. Nothing we come across will be able to break it! Our strength will prosper!

Don’t Tread on Me!

Another day gone… another day passing. Three months in the same place, this is a bit hard for me. Sanity claws at me. Gripping onto me as if its being torn away.
I’m use to traveling, seeing new things, new adventures to be had. But it’s as if I’m thrown into some kind of assembly line to do the biddings of someone else. But I just have to endure it a little more. The end is near, I almost can see it!


Ambition is the name of the game! Keep pushing on. Persevere through all the objects thrown at you. Once you have withstood through it all, that’s when you will make it to that glimmering goal that once was only a twinkle in your eye.