Cherished Past

My most cherished memories would be my trip to Peru and Bolivia.
To be even more specific, it would be the day after the parade/festivities involving ink and foam, which was covering the streets.


My husband, who at the time, was just a friend came to the hostel to meet up with me. In Peru, we traveled together, but after two weeks, we went our own ways. While being in Bolivia, he came that way, and we met up a few times when I was traveling.
So he came to the hostel I was staying at, he couldn’t find what room I was in, because he didn’t recongize me. I was covered head to toe in purple and blue dye. The night before I was doused in ink, but since I was doing it back, it was expected.

Back to reality, my head pounded relentlessly. That Swedish boy coaxed me to go into the swimming pool, with a push. Then he jumped in after me and began scrubbing my ink infested body. About a half an hour passed, and I was clean as I could be. My head was still persistantly banging, and my energy was lost.
So we cuddled on my bed. I gave him my phone with a Thor game on it, his weakness, I found. Now at this time, he being a busy body, didn’t like staying in one place for a long time. But he did it this time.
As I had my head resting on his firm chest, I could hear his heart thump a steady beat. Then and there, I was washed over with a feeling of safety and comfort. Sleep soon took over me wiht the tune of his heart


Lake Titicaca


The Australian, Massachusetts, and I went to Lake Titicaca. We went on a boat to one of the floating islands (Uros). It was pretty much just there for tourists. I’m glad I saw it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.Seeing how the people lives are just for tourism was sad.

The three white girls are famous once more. A group of Peruvian men want pictures with us, along with a Peruvian girl. We comply, one more trick for the monkey’s to do. “Dance you!” Sometimes I feel as if I’m in a zoo, getting oohed and aahed over. Flashes going off everywhere.

Yet another Peruvian man trying to win me over. I don’t understand, I’m wearing baggy clothes ( they’re not so flattering). But the guy decides to buy me a bracelet. Jesus is on a pink wooden cross, surrounding him are pink beads and plastic silver crosses. I try telling him no, but he insists. If only I was religious…

Cabanconde- February 3rd, 2014

Anaconda town! Not really, I only could think of anaconda when I would try and remember this town´s name. Gorgeous town! Surrounded by mountains, this little rustic village has a great feeling of home. Wow! This sounds like an ad to get people to go out there.

Anyways, this place is a bit different than the mountains i´m use to in Northern California. But it is beautiful here.

Three ladies that only have weirdness in common, begin their journey to Arequipa, then Puno.



Malata- Colca Canyon- February 2nd, 2014


The banging of drums, the trumpets, and tubas can be heard from everywhere in this little town. Party, party! The dance in a circle for hours! No dizziness! The party goes on for days.

The Locals grab us three girls to join in the dance. We must entertain them with our great dance moves, with our left feet. But the dance is easy enough. Over a little time, the three of us get the dance under control.

Looking around while the music blares in my ears, I notice we are the only tourists. The three amigas, the three musketeers, the three blind mice, that´s us.

They celebrate a Virgen. That´s all I know, involving eggs… A sculpture is made, that later in the night they start up with fireworks. The egglike things, spin. Everyone dances until the night ends, then they begin again.

Oasis- Colca Canyon- February 1st, 2014

I´m aching everywhere. And here I thought I was in some kind of good shape. Well, that mountain showed me. It must be absolute madness to live in a place where if you ever want to leave, it´s a 5 hour hike up a mountain to get to some little town in the middle of the canyon deeper than the grand canyon.

We find out we can take this other route, this isn´t so daunting. It´s only an hour and a half long. Now, we are on our way to another tiny village in this huge canyon. Left foot, right foot.

Colca Canyon (Near Arequipa)- January 31st, 2014

The sun is pounding down on me. Every step I take feels as though my knees will give out. The mix of rocks and heat begin to melt my shoes down to an uneven mess. Not much for heels now. But I keep pushing. The two girls that I have met up with can do it, so can I. ¨These boots are made for walking…¨ I imagine at the Oasis there will be someone waiting for us ¨You did it! Great job!¨ Instead, all that was waiting for us a not so happy guy. ¨You´re at the wrong hostel.¨…Fuck… We started at 4000 meters and went down the Colca Canyon to 2000 meters.

Tomorrow´s going to be a fun da



Recap! HuacaFUCKINGchina- January 28th, 2014


The town of Haucachina, an oasis in the middle of the desert. This is where all the locals keep the tourists. ¨Get back you tourist. Hee-yaa! Stay on your side!¨ We are like  caged animals in the circus. The town Ica, is like 5-10 minutes away. ¨Keep them tourists in check.¨I don´t know why, but in my head, I picture the locals with hick accents and long mustaches… Which doesn´t make any sense.

Dunebuggy ride is better than any roller coaster! Jumping the dunes almost rolling us! Good thing there´s a roll cage on it. Yay! But my ride was a bit of a wet ride. This Irish gal next to me, was very good at spilling her water on just me. This was the last thing I was expecting, being in a desert and all. Oh well. Our driver, Jesus (as it said on our sand boards) had his dog Gringo follow us in the desert for 2 HOURS! The dog loved it! I didn´t know the driver´s name right away, so I thought, when we road the sand boards, it was Jesus looking over us! Haha! Oh, Jesus, thank you!

In the night, the partying began. There was about 20 of us (tourists), of course the locals started fancying me. So some of them joined us. Traveling alone, is never really travelling alone. You´re always surrounded by others that want to hear your story, they´re so interested in what you have to say…

Anyways, on the drinking escapade. We drank until the bar closed. Then I ended up hanging with the locals. The lagoon… Skinny dipping…Finding out all the tourists are all pansies. No body was up for going in the lagoon except me and a local.

Oh no, my clothes… Some local teenagers steal my wallet while I´m naked in the lagoon. Damn it, what was I thinking… I should have swam fully clothed, because everyone loves wet clothes, right, right? Nothing I can do now, they are gone… I am drunk.

I have been wanting a fight, now I´m getting what I want. I don´t know why I´m prone to liking violence. Maybe it was the way I was raised, maybe it´s because I´m American. Hmm…

A local ends up being my punching bag, while another, I end up hurting his hand. The next day, he has his hand wrapped up. I didn´t believe him when he said it was from me… Whoops…

American violcence. They worship me. Bowing down to my viciousness. Quite weird, they really did bow to me. They even grabbed a pedastel for me to sit on. I guess they are not use to pushy women… Hmm… Oh me, oh my!

I manage to win a local man´s heart, yet another local that is falling for my charm. My scent bringing out all these men. It reminds me of the movie Perfume. I think it´s french. It´s about this serial killer who wants the ultimate scent. He goes on a killing spree to get the scent.

Anyways, hornyness must be in the air… I´m just too exotic with these transparent legs of mine and this bright red hair.

Since I went into the Lagoon with the local, the tourists I have met managed to give me a flattering nickname… Swamp Bitch. Oh how nice…

Yet another nickname to add to my belt.

The Journey Ends…- January 26th and 27th, 2014


Wines, bets, and cards, is how we pass the time. The math game with cards or asshole. But now, our trip has come to an end. The German is going to Ecuador, travelling alone once again. Now it´s just me and the Swed.

We both go to Lima together, have a bit of fun. Once we make it to Lima, we stay a little longer together… Then a goodbye fuck.

I´m on my way to Huacachina near Ica. Travelling alone, but already I haven´t been alone for very long, kind of disappointing…

I kind of miss my two european buddies, no more loud yelling with losing a game, no more jokes on my expense, and no more pointing to be rude because the Swed just loves it so much.


Play… – January 25th, 2014

Watashi wa, onnanohito! I´m strong! Hear me roar! Watch out, I´m a tigress, ready to pounce on my next victim. I will gouge out your eyes with my claws. I will paint my face with the blood, giving you a menacing stare. Are you sure you want to play with me?

A nickname I have inherited on this trip: The Tigress.

I think it fits, and so does that boy.image

Gringa! – January 24th, 2014

It must be my pasty white skin that keeps drawing the peruvian boys to me. At first, I felt special. But it has gotten old fast. All the whistles, honks, and cat calls. Then there are some of the boys, that are getting a bit too fizzicle for my taste. Just because I don´t speak your language doesn´t mean I´m easy! 

I´ve decided, I must just smell of sex… That´s why the guys flock me, but once my German and Swed are around, they scatter. Like cockroaches underneath the couch, hiding in the darkness. 

What cowards… If they liked me more than sex, they wouldn´t scamper away. Pathetic!

Now my blood has come to a boil. ¨Don´t touch me!¨ Maybe I should learn that in spanish.