The Pain of the Weather


The weather has been pounding on my head profusely. Another day with High humidity in the air. This pulls at me, chipping off pieces of myself. It has been three years, but I still am having issues. South Dakota is not the place for my head. This crazy weather and drastic temperatures are not my friends. If only this could be harmonious in my brain. But seldon is anything easy. I guess that is a part of life. Since surviving the bad, I cherish life much more. Humans need the bad with the good to understand how to appreciate the good things.

Pushing forward is not going to work today. Every step I go on ward, I am pushed back twice as much! The pain becomes more threatening. I’m at a stand still. When will this weather clear up? Let me be free! I am barricaded inside this house. If I venture out, the pain finds me quickly. 

What a nightmare! This weather holds the pain a waiting me where ever I go!


Sucked in yet Again


I’m back in the midwest, once again. It’s like there is a black hole that keeps bringing be back here no matter how far I get. Many times I have felt trapped here. Stuck in a pile of muck, unable to move. My plans have had to changed drastically multiple times. The obstacles I have endured are not easy and tend to bring me to this flat farmland state. Maybe some day my feelings for this place will change. As of now, it doesn’t feel like home anymore.

 There is a huge gap for equality between men and women here. And now, big companies are weaseling their way into town to avoid taxes. A dark shadow hangs over this city, but sometimes a glint of light shows through. Maybe just maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Need Help With Enduring Pain


The accident Endured

So here I am, between a rock and a hard place. I have to figure out how I am going to pay all my medical bills off. The cost is $180,000.00. I was in a bad 7 car pile up. I was on my way to California from South Dakota. I made it as far as Rock Springs, Wyoming, before this wreck happened. Since three years has passed, I have made it far. I can do many things at the beginning of healing, I could not. This took about a year of physical training and being stubborn. I kept pushing myself everyday to get better. Even when doctors told me I would be like this for the rest of my life. I still made myself keep trying. Everyday is still difficult to get up because the pain does not take a break. I still push myself. But if you can see in your heart that you can help, just press the link above, or share with friends and family. I am not sure that the money given from the accident will cover all of my hospital bills. That is why I have created this. Plus, it seems more likely that I will always have these back, neck, and head pains the rest of my life.


I understand if you can’t donate, I know right now, it would be difficult for me, but please at least share. Thank you very much!


March for Women


Saturday, 1/21/17

The day began warmer than I had expected. It was the beginning of the march for women. I soon became surrounded by all kinds of people. The majority were women, but there also was children, and many people with signs supporting races, genders, gays, and equality for everyone.  Signs could be seen from every direction you look. It turned into a huge crowd with colors of the rainbow surrounding us. I came here with my husband, friend, and her little girl. We thought it would be a good eye opener for her little one to see that many are here fighting for women’s rights, and equality for everybody.


A speaker began, and a boisterous uproar a happiness started. It was such a booming sound that uplifted my heart. This made me proud to be from here, Sioux Falls, SD. We are also taking a stand against this possible backtrack in time to where women weren’t even allowed to vote.

Come to find out, this was a stand that was taken worldwide! About half a million had made it to Washington D.C. to support women. Almost every major city in the U.S. had taken a stand. Even in France, Sweden, and many other countries stood up for these rights that may be taken from our grasps. I had even seen photos of people taking a stand in Antarctica!

World News of March for Women

I hope this goes noticed and helps our rights not be taken! Women need health care, we need more women in the government system to back us up!! Everyone needs to take a stand and not let this go unnoticed! It is time to act and not be silent! We need to be heard!

London, England


Stand with Standing Rock

Over 20,000 people are standing up for what they believe in. They are fighting in saving what helps create life, water. 

Many have looked at what has happened to these people in disbelief. They say this has been a fight going on longer than this stand off involving the  North Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. 

The first plan they had for the oil pipeline was to put it near a small town in North Dakota. But it was denied, on account being too close their water supply. The same reason at Standing Rock they are protecting their water source. The oil pipeline is suppose to be only a half a mile away from their water source. Now how on earth would these corporations think this would be a good idea?! This is what happens when money speaks louder than preserving life, or taking care of our environment. 

As of now, the North Dakota Access Pipeline has been put on a halt. The first battle has been won, this is only the beginning. The corporations will wait for the new President, and once that happens, they will try again. We must not let them win! This is bigger than the area it involves! This goes against how you should treat others. What really matters!

We have to be together, stand united! The more people we have against this pipeline, the harder it will be for these corporations to get their way.

As the natives have said water if life!

We must stay and fight this thing together!

Dancing with Pain

My head had its tussle with a car wreck. It happened two years ago, and to this day , I’m still healing. Forever broken, or for only a while longer? Hmm. . .

I will patiently await my future and what it holds for me. Lessons are held in so much you go through. I have more wisdom than what I had started with.  My path has been a rough one. Some days happened, where I didn’t recognize myself.  But here I am now, still alive.

That’s the first thing you must realize, you are the holder of your own future. Hold your ground, until you are ready for that first step. Humans can be strong!

My mind trails away, making an imaginary world to pass this healing process by. There are days where my squishy head will start booming through, letting me know, it’s in pain. Thanks for letting me know.

But nowadays, I have taken my healing process into my own hands. Now, the mending has begun. I start a new diet that stays away from processed, preservatives, pretty much anything, but fruits and vegetables. My head doesn’t pound as much! It almost has gone down to maybe once every couple of weeks! The Doctor told me, I would have issues with my back permenately. Well, I showed him. I can go to concerts now, and be able to last longer standing than before, until the pain comes. It is still just the beginning, but this is only after two weeks of the diet. What improvement! Plus, I have looked more into essential oils. Healing anidiotes that have been just in the backyard. Why don’t more people use oils or natural remedies we can make ourselves? It is cheaper, plus it actually helps the problem instead of covering it up. Don’t get me wrong, of course sometimes western medicine is needed. But so much has been clouded, that you can fix yourself.


Lavender helps my back pain, while Frankincense helps with my head. I have also found out, many oils by different companies out there have been diluted to spread it out more. But this makes it not as strong. Doterra is where its at. Although growing it yourself is cheaper. You just need the knowledge to begin the helping journey. The gate has opened, I can see the light. I will conquer this trial and be on top once again!

The Flying Leaf

Today has been a blur. My head is at a bad spot. The thumping won’t stop. Words have been fumbling out of my mouth, as if intelligence has left them. The brain is not on my side, for now. But I will ease my way back into myself once again. Not much to do when this pounding won’t go away.

I venture out to the grassy world. The wind is brisk, but the sun sporadically peaks out of the clouds with warmth in its radiance. The birds chirp their joys. Spring is almost here. What a soothing melody.


It almost makes the throbbing feeling go unnoticed, almost. The pain now feels as though it’s burrowing deeper into my head. This swirling pain won’t let up.

I take a deep breath and let it go to mingle in the air. A leaf dances in the wind. As if it is trying to say something.

That imaginary world comes to life, as I watch the leaf. It transcends slower to the ground. Suddenly the wind picks up once again, taking the floating leaf on another wild ride. Up and down, twisting and turning.

The leaf and I actually have a lot in common. My life can also be like there is a whirlwind surrounding it.

As my body calms and I think of other things, the pain eases to only a little thrumming. Back to the normal feeling for me. Bearable.

Sad but True

A distant shade of black creeps in. Everyone begins gasping for air as it suffocates them. What is this? They clasps their throats, willing themselves to breathe once again. To no avail…

We are stuck as we are, if no action is taken.

We will continue to suffocate from our own destruction.

We are the ones willing to be blind.

Step back and take a look around. Is this really how our government should be? I was taught actions speak louder than words. So take action! Let your voice be heard.

That darkness is thick, and looks as though it has no end. But the people are the one’s with power, power in numbers! “United we Stand!” Never forget, knoviewinstrwbryrokwledge is power. The media has been persuaded with money. Now they leave out so much in the news. But our internet still holds freedom, more than we have.

Everyone should have the choice to believe or feel anyway they do. If you want to learn more about something, you should be given that right.

In the past, this is what one did for America, to help it be for the people, all the people.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is a website of a former US citizen that found a home in Europe.



In Sweden, they have a law where you can tell the media any information and they can broadcast it. Unlike us, where if someone divulges information, some in the media would be threatened to lose their job or would destroy their station. Why do we have so much secrecy? So much information withheld from the people.

Remnants Lost…

Memories swirl around me, but I can’t grasp any of them. It fades in and out, then it slips through my fingers.

Growing up was just a blur. As a child, all the way until now, and still everything a bit hazy. Not much is remembered or can be stored away.

My mind has been left with a hole where memories would stay. Now they can easily leak out. Dang car accident! You have taken away future and past memories from me.

I try to remember, but the only thing that comes to mind is just a dark unshapely mass. My hands can not hold the snipets of past thoughts anymore. They keep slowly drifting between my fingers.

North Carolina

I watch as my blurry past memories glide through the trees. They soon disperse into the air, as if they were never there. Leaving me feeling just a little more lost.

A panic takes over my body. But as soon as I felt it, it was gone. Now lingering is only the thought of what is missing. At times, I feel empty. Always trying to locate memories, but their remains are gone. My feeling begins to spread across the vast wasteland. Devouring all that is in sight.

The Land of the Free…

I’m reaching out to a dieing freedom. So many turn a blind eye. They keep ignorant, when the truth finally seeps out.

The land of the free… We were founded by immigrants, but yet now discrimination comes out from every corner in America multiple times. And now, once again. We have pointed a finger at black people, keeping them segregated. Then at women, taking away their right to vote. There has always seemed to be a finger at immigrants, and now, transgender.

Badlands, South Dakota

Good ole South Dakota, of course has to be the first state to be so close minded. They have passed two out of three bills so far that is directed at transgender. Why do we keep repeating the past? We can’t be stuck in an old way of thinking. More people want to be how they feel. Back in the older days, so many people hid from their true feelings. What a horrible way to live life.

We just keep repeating history.

As if one more time shouldn’t hurt.

Knowledge is power, but in America, money makes almost everyone sing a different tune. The lustful green takes over many people’s eyes. Clouding their view of what is truly happening around them.

The motion of the clock keeps moving forward, never missing a beat. As time progresses, it feels as though less and less care about what is happening in our own politics. As if it does’nt effect our lives! There are still soft spoken voices out there that need to make a stand. What ever you believe in, get it out there. Let your voice be heard!

Nowadays our privacy is limited. Our phone calls can be tapped, our emails or messages can be read. Even our privacy at home is being threatened.

We have drones that now fly around in America. Seems to me we are getting closer to ‘The Terminator’. All we need is Arnold yelling, “I’ll be back!”

Oh, what has America come to…