The Pain of the Weather

6/14/17 The weather has been pounding on my head profusely. Another day with High humidity in the air. This pulls at me, chipping off pieces of myself. It has been three years, but I still am having issues. South Dakota is not the place for my head. This crazy weather and drastic temperatures are not... Continue Reading →


Sucked in yet Again

 6/9/17 I'm back in the midwest, once again. It's like there is a black hole that keeps bringing be back here no matter how far I get. Many times I have felt trapped here. Stuck in a pile of muck, unable to move. My plans have had to changed drastically multiple times. The obstacles... Continue Reading →

Need Help With Enduring Pain

The accident Endured So here I am, between a rock and a hard place. I have to figure out how I am going to pay all my medical bills off. The cost is $180,000.00. I was in a bad 7 car pile up. I was on my way to California from South Dakota. I made... Continue Reading →

March for Women

  Saturday, 1/21/17 The day began warmer than I had expected. It was the beginning of the march for women. I soon became surrounded by all kinds of people. The majority were women, but there also was children, and many people with signs supporting races, genders, gays, and equality for everyone.  Signs could be seen... Continue Reading →

Stand with Standing Rock

Over 20,000 people are standing up for what they believe in. They are fighting in saving what helps create life, water.  Many have looked at what has happened to these people in disbelief. They say this has been a fight going on longer than this stand off involving the  North Dakota Access Oil Pipeline.  The... Continue Reading →

Dancing with Pain

My head had its tussle with a car wreck. It happened two years ago, and to this day , I'm still healing. Forever broken, or for only a while longer? Hmm. . . I will patiently await my future and what it holds for me. Lessons are held in so much you go through. I... Continue Reading →

The Flying Leaf

Today has been a blur. My head is at a bad spot. The thumping won't stop. Words have been fumbling out of my mouth, as if intelligence has left them. The brain is not on my side, for now. But I will ease my way back into myself once again. Not much to do when... Continue Reading →

Sad but True

A distant shade of black creeps in. Everyone begins gasping for air as it suffocates them. What is this? They clasps their throats, willing themselves to breathe once again. To no avail... We are stuck as we are, if no action is taken. We will continue to suffocate from our own destruction. We are the... Continue Reading →

Remnants Lost…

Memories swirl around me, but I can't grasp any of them. It fades in and out, then it slips through my fingers. Growing up was just a blur. As a child, all the way until now, and still everything a bit hazy. Not much is remembered or can be stored away. My mind has been... Continue Reading →

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