Burrowed Truth

The sound of water crashing against rocks woke me. I sat up quickly, drenched in water. I realized I was on a beach, but where. The sun's rays beat down on me, while I try to grasp what had happened. I touched my back. I fill with relief, my sword is still there. My head... Continue Reading →


Victims Memories Never Leave

Change is knocking on the door. Panic seeps to my bones. Am I ready to take action? Of course! I gulp down my fear and take steps to the door. But no matter how many steps I take, it keeps staying at the same distance. I begin to run towards it, feeling a pull that... Continue Reading →

The Truth Unfolds

The vines surround me, holding me back from the truth. I grab my sword and begin slicing. But they keep multiplying! I frantically search my mind for ideas, and then I remembered. I saw an unground cavern behind me. Maybe it leads this way. It is a chance I'm willing to take. I swing my... Continue Reading →

Chaos within the Mind

The feeling of being lost is beginning to weigh on me. What I say I want, is that really it? Or am I hiding away my own truth from myself? A void is growing within me. It creeps throughout me, getting bigger. The pain is unmistakably recognized. My world spins out of control. I'm losing... Continue Reading →

Unknown Feeling…

The clock keeps ticking, but I feel I'm at a standstill. I cannot move forward nor back. My body is trapped in limbo land. Panic takes a hold of me. I try to move my legs, but nothing happens. All I can see is darkness. It is the only thing surrounding me. My heart feels... Continue Reading →

The Vibration of Realization

I'm drenched in perspiration.  The thundering noise still echoes through my head. I still don't know how I could react as I did, or even why. But it keeps replaying in my mind. The choices that tumbled out to choose from were quickly snatched. My mind was racing, but I grabbed what I felt I... Continue Reading →

Whispers in my mind

What is this strange feeling. It is persistent, and feels as it is a weight holding me down. A choice has been made and there is no going back!  Knowing that, it begins to suffocate me. My stomach starts to churn. One way ticket, no way out.  Unless, I want to run... That is not... Continue Reading →


Written in 2008 Tears dripped down her already wet cheeks splashing on her now damp paper. The only noise in the room was the patient sound of the clock, ticking with every tear. Her eyes finally became dry and puffy, but her heart felt a clenching ache. No one would ever see this, she thought... Continue Reading →

Slithered in Evil

Written in 2008 At the beginning I had a feeling the outside would be bad. But I kept riding on this roller coaster. He came across as a nice guy maybe a little troublemaker, but nothing I couldn't handle.  Then everything went black. My life suddenly spun out of  my hands into his.  An Evil... Continue Reading →

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