Wave Cave Trail

The path began as an easy one for at least half the trail. Then I  came up on the rocky areas. Someone used rocks as a tiny wall to represent over it, is not part of the path. Don’t get lost! So many did not realize this, and thus became lost. As I walked, bigger rocks were now scattered, so the walk became more difficult.  What was once a straight flat path, turned into a rocky uphill terrain. The sun pelted down on me,making me happy I started this journey in the morning. My head began its pulsating beat, but with a few stops to help it rest, I recovered quickly. 


Before I even began this adventure, I thought it would take 4 hours. But I was shocked, it only took me 2 hours in total! I made it to the wave cave within an hour. The view of the faraway mountains was breathtaking.  In this desert, the nature looked stunning. Once in the cave, a nice cool air washed over me. As you look out from the farthest place in the cave, the light and shadows look as though it creates a wave. 

The beautiful view was well worth the trip. Many families take this hike and all ages of people venture here.  

The Wave Cave 


Unknown Feeling…

The clock keeps ticking, but I feel I’m at a standstill. I cannot move forward nor back. My body is trapped in limbo land. Panic takes a hold of me. I try to move my legs, but nothing happens. All I can see is darkness. It is the only thing surrounding me. My heart feels it is about to explode. I begin to hear a steady beeping sound. Beep… Beep… Beep… It keeps its steady beat. Suddenly, pain begins to sear through my chest.

Then the feeling of some unknown object intrudes into my chest. The beeping is now one long beep and I feel as though I am floating. My vision clears and I look down at my still body from up above.

Many people surround me with surgical gloves and clothes. A man has his hand in my open chest, putting some mechanical thing in there. I’m swallowed out of the vision and back into darkness. The steady beep began again. But the pain had not subsided. Now I knew what was happening!

My body begins convulsing. All the wires attached to me are ripped off. My consciousness comes together with reality. My eyes can see blurry people. All have taken a step away from me, some more than others. My focus began to clear and all their faces were stricken with fear.

I could feel something crawling through my heart now. Making its way to my blood system. It began to feel like thousands of tiny critters creeping inside of me. I begin touching my arms. I frantically look around the room. Then I see a staple gun. I rush over and grab it. Then quickly staple my open chest with a snarl very time I stapled. My first instinct was to jump through the double sided mirror.

I followed that feeling and easily broke through. A man with a gun stands there, but before he could react, I take his gun and bash him in the head with it. I sprint down the hall and make it to a door. With lightening speed, I swing it open and throw myself out. As I stare out from the patio, all I can see are clouds. Carefully, I walk closer to the edge of this balcony like thing. I look straight down and all I can see is water about 7,000 meters below me.

Where am I? What has happened?

The Adrenaline of Dog Sledding

I felt nervous. We were forewarned, soon nothing would be heard. As the dogs were getting into their harnesses, the barking of excitement erupted. It progressed even more when they were being hooked to the sleds.

My ears started ringing and the adrenaline pumped harder through out my body. I felt like a fast drum thrummed to life in my insides.

The dogs kept jumping up and down with giddiness. They were ready with anticipation, they love to run! My sled was attached to the cage. No taking off accidentally! Then, the time had come.

“Are you ready?”

I felt shaky as I stood on the sled. But I nodded, and she unhooked me from the cage with a quick press. I had four dogs leading me with much happiness to a path that they know by heart.

My husband was led by 6 dogs. Our friend and one of the owners was in front of him on a 4 wheeler. Just leading the way to make sure everything runs smoothly. A few minutes pass, and a newly fallen snow pile was in our way. My heart stopped. I went down and lost the lead rope. Snow covered my coat and the dogs kept running.

The main thing she told us before was , “Don’t ever let go of the rope!” But our friend jumped off the quad and grabbed the rope before they could go any farther. Phew!

I shook off my nerves, and started again. This time, I’m not dropping the rope! At times, the wind whipped me in the face from the speed. I felt exhilarated! The freedom of choosing where we’re going was left to the dogs. I was just along for the ride. So much trust has to be given to them.

We begin getting more speed, and my glasses fog up. Now I’m left unknowing of our obstacles. I face plant on my side. This time, I didn’t let go of the rope. I was dragged on the ground only for a second. The dogs stopped. Quickly I got back up, foot on the brake.

“Are you ready?” Yelled my husband who had stopped seconds after I went down. “Ready!” I yell with adrenaline coursing through my veins.

“Maybe you should clean your glasses.” He says

Then I realise, I had a glob of snow blocking my view for my right eye! “Oh, right.” I reply shamefully.

We were off again! These dogs have used this trail for practice. I could see an older imprint of a sled. After a bit, my fear began to deplete. Excitement was left as we took the turns and hills. My stiffness left and I became more fluid like with the sled. The journey turned into a smooth ride. We made it back and sweat trickled down my chest and back.

What a ride!

The Gathering

The day had come for all of us to meet. Some were left with an anguish feeling through out their bodies. Others would bubbling with excitement. Of course there is no thanksgiving in Sweden but we had created something similar to bring the family together.

Once it began that anguish feeling subsided and was left with happiness. Laughs roared throughout the house and the smell of delicious food wafted in the air. Just like thanksgiving with much food and some same dishes.

Once the day ended, everyone left with a good feeling and a full belly!

The gathering is now a great day to keep in the calendar for the years to come.

Where is my Mind?

My mind is at a loss. It is hiding in the past. My life feels as though it is spiraling out of my grasp. My reality feels like it is fading away. I need to step back, and refresh my brain. My life, my passion, and my ambition are still intact. I am happy, but my heart aches. I guess homesickness is hitting me. What a suffocating feeling. I must keep myself busy, I must find a new path to pursue. 

The road is not an easy one. But I am not alone. I can not forget that. I have my furry family here along with my man. With that thought, my mind eases. I cannot give up on myself! No one should give up on themselves.

The Vibration of Realization

I’m drenched in perspiration.  The thundering noise still echoes through my head. I still don’t know how I could react as I did, or even why. But it keeps replaying in my mind.

The choices that tumbled out to choose from were quickly snatched. My mind was racing, but I grabbed what I felt I was going to need. I have an inkling feeling of what the future holds. I will prevail.

My future begins to unravel in front of my eyes. It is as I thought, I will just have to stick with the choices I have made and my gut feeling. In that instant, the roar began. My whole body shook. The ground began to vibrate and many people started to panic. 

Without even thinking, I climbed a tree and spotted from a afar. A herd of buffalo came pounding toward us. Quickly I scanned the people.  It was decision time. I yelled down and told everyone to climb. The ones that could did. But a few older people were crippled and two children were struggling. 

Not much time was left. 

I climbed down with such force. I felt the urgency calling out within my body. The two kids were crying frantically. I grabbed the smaller one and ran to the tree beside me with people. There were open arms awaiting the child. I tossed the little girl to the couple and they held onto her as if they were her security blanket. 

The ground began to rattle even more. It was beginning to become hard to keep my balance. The little boy had followed me and I threw him onto my back.” Don’t let go! Hold tight!” I yelled over the thunderous pounding. I could see the herd now as i started grabbing the first branches. Just as I and the boy got out of reach, the buffalo came bolting through. A gust with tremendous force hit us with dust. My heart sank as I knew the 3 o,dear people didn’t make it. 

We waited until the dust had settled before moving. Once that happened, many began to climb down the trees. The boy hopped up onto my back again and we descended down the tree. He jumped off of me and sprinted towards his little sister. 

Blood was splattered everywhere. None of the older people that were left on the ground were moving, except one. An elderly woman held out her twitching hand. I ran over to her and took it in both of mine. Her body was bloodied and her intestines were sprawled out. 

There was no saving her and she knew it. My heart sunk. We both knew what had to be done. I grabbed the knife I chose earlier and held back my tears. “Do it.” She gurgled through her bloodied mouth.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered and sliced her throat as tears began to fall from my face. I dropped to my knees and sobbed.

You can’t save everyone…

A whirlwind for the Heart

That day felt surreal. I wasn’t fully there once it happened. I didn’t believe my eyes as it unfolded right in front of me! 

               The day was filled with rays of light and a warmth when it touched you. We met up with a friend and her kids at the lake. It was a nice day to relax at the lake surrounded by many colored trees. Once the sun began to descend, we started packing our things. My husband and I said our goodbyes and loaded up Clyde (my dog). We drove to our road, and as usual, we let Clyde out so he could sprint in front of us. After a few seconds, Clyde’s back legs locked up. His body was in midair and then fell to the ground. As I saw this, my whole body went into panic mode. Birk stopped the car and rushed to him. Clyde kept trying to come to us as he dragged his back legs behind his body. My husband picked him up and looked him over. I was already waiting in the back so I could be next to Clyde. But once he was in the back, he didn’t want to sit still. It was painful to watch him try to use his back legs. His balance was now non existent and he wasn’t listening when I tried to make him relax.

Birk called a vet and explained our situation. Clyde was put on house arrest with 24 hour watch. My eyes watched his every move. I stayed by his side a few days after that as well. 

When it had happened to him, it looked as though his rear legs detached from his hips. But overtime, it was beginning to get better. He must have had major cramps happen in his back legs that just were stuck in a stiff outstretched position. 

Since then, he now gets healthy organic ingredients put into his food. They help with aches, arthritis, and many other things. He has sprouted into a puppy again. You would have never known he went through that! His body is once again, fully functional. 

But that day, my whole world was at a stand still. I’m not oblivious to the fact that dog’s lives are shorter than a human’s. But to have someone by your side almost all the time for 11 years and this happens is devastating. He has travelled on boats, rvs, jet ski, cars, 4-wheelers, and planes with me. While I hitch hiked in America for around a year, he was by my side. Much of America we have seen together! We have seen 3 countries together now! My husband quickly grew fond of Clyde. Now the three of us and our two cats have ventured to many places.

Clyde is my animal soul mate, and he always will be! I had a protector when I was in sticky situations. He is more than a dog, he is part of my family. 

Stuck in Repetition 

More and more information is being found. I’m left speechless. This country is turning into a mini America. How can that be?! I thought it was a progressive place here with their sense of helping others without any underline goal. Here in Sweden they recycle nearly 100% of household waste. They have some of the best schools in the world. Also, gender equality is leaps and bounds better than many other countries.

But the more I’m learning, it is like here they are repeating what America has done in the past. You would think here they would learn from America’s mistakes and NOT follow in their footsteps! It seems any other way is lost to them. 

America with its shiny media blinding many from seeing what is really happening there. My heart breaks to see that it is like a replay button has been hit in this country. But I will not stand not sit for it to happen. Here, I feel my voice can be heard and won’t be muffled by corporations or anyone for that matter. My words may even hold some personal meaning to others. 

Everyone no matter race,gender, age, or sexuality, should stand together, no matter what! 

Whispers in my mind

What is this strange feeling. It is persistent, and feels as it is a weight holding me down. A choice has been made and there is no going back! 

Knowing that, it begins to suffocate me. My stomach starts to churn. One way ticket, no way out. 

Unless, I want to run… That is not what I want. I just have to endure this feeling. I must buckle up for the ride. It won’t always be joyful! 

A crumb of regret holds onto my shoulder, but I brush it off. None of that now. I have but one life, I can’t be in multiple places at the same time. The path has been chosen. My heart is committed. Now if only my head was in the game. A tickling voice ripples through my head. The wind begins to pick up. It starts pulling me, the feeling is awakened. I feel uncertain, after a couple of seconds, I shut it down. It needs to be patient. The road now calls to me. I whip around and slam the door on it all. For now, I will be happy. 

The travel bug has to sleep once again.

Granite Ghost Town Awaits



Dilapidated buildings were sprawled through out the woods. I can feel the history in the air. Granite Ghost Town lies 4 miles up a mountain in Montana.


Drive up at your own risk! Zero maintenance roads ahead! My mom and I looked at each other once we read the sign. I was filled with excitement, but my mom was filled with worry. As our journey began, the road was becoming more narrow as we progressed. One side of the road clung to the mountain, the other side was a rugged cliff. Halfway up, the view to our side was spectacular! We could see the town sprawled out and the sunset beginning to take over the open sky. Once we made it to the top, many old buildings were left in pieces. But some with stood over the years, the building where the head honcho lived that took care of the town and one house that was owned by the last person to leave the town. She was an elderly lady that lived in this town for about 20 years alone!! Some of the parts of houses were becoming one with the trees in areas. The rest of the buildings lay in piles of rubble.

What a crazy place for a town! It is so high up in the mountain, plus this was in the days where vehicles were a new technology. But they created some machine that helped them bring down the rocks of silver and gold down where they could harvest it properly. The view left me in awe and the feeling here made me realize why so many would live in a place like this. Everything held tranquility in its grasps. I breathe in deeply and exhale, feeling a calmness.