A whirlwind for the Heart

That day felt surreal. I wasn’t fully there once it happened. I didn’t believe my eyes as it unfolded right in front of me! 

               The day was filled with rays of light and a warmth when it touched you. We met up with a friend and her kids at the lake. It was a nice day to relax at the lake surrounded by many colored trees. Once the sun began to descend, we started packing our things. My husband and I said our goodbyes and loaded up Clyde (my dog). We drove to our road, and as usual, we let Clyde out so he could sprint in front of us. After a few seconds, Clyde’s back legs locked up. His body was in midair and then fell to the ground. As I saw this, my whole body went into panic mode. Birk stopped the car and rushed to him. Clyde kept trying to come to us as he dragged his back legs behind his body. My husband picked him up and looked him over. I was already waiting in the back so I could be next to Clyde. But once he was in the back, he didn’t want to sit still. It was painful to watch him try to use his back legs. His balance was now non existent and he wasn’t listening when I tried to make him relax.

Birk called a vet and explained our situation. Clyde was put on house arrest with 24 hour watch. My eyes watched his every move. I stayed by his side a few days after that as well. 

When it had happened to him, it looked as though his rear legs detached from his hips. But overtime, it was beginning to get better. He must have had major cramps happen in his back legs that just were stuck in a stiff outstretched position. 

Since then, he now gets healthy organic ingredients put into his food. They help with aches, arthritis, and many other things. He has sprouted into a puppy again. You would have never known he went through that! His body is once again, fully functional. 

But that day, my whole world was at a stand still. I’m not oblivious to the fact that dog’s lives are shorter than a human’s. But to have someone by your side almost all the time for 11 years and this happens is devastating. He has travelled on boats, rvs, jet ski, cars, 4-wheelers, and planes with me. While I hitch hiked in America for around a year, he was by my side. Much of America we have seen together! We have seen 3 countries together now! My husband quickly grew fond of Clyde. Now the three of us and our two cats have ventured to many places.

Clyde is my animal soul mate, and he always will be! I had a protector when I was in sticky situations. He is more than a dog, he is part of my family. 


Granite Ghost Town Awaits



Dilapidated buildings were sprawled through out the woods. I can feel the history in the air. Granite Ghost Town lies 4 miles up a mountain in Montana.


Drive up at your own risk! Zero maintenance roads ahead! My mom and I looked at each other once we read the sign. I was filled with excitement, but my mom was filled with worry. As our journey began, the road was becoming more narrow as we progressed. One side of the road clung to the mountain, the other side was a rugged cliff. Halfway up, the view to our side was spectacular! We could see the town sprawled out and the sunset beginning to take over the open sky. Once we made it to the top, many old buildings were left in pieces. But some with stood over the years, the building where the head honcho lived that took care of the town and one house that was owned by the last person to leave the town. She was an elderly lady that lived in this town for about 20 years alone!! Some of the parts of houses were becoming one with the trees in areas. The rest of the buildings lay in piles of rubble.

What a crazy place for a town! It is so high up in the mountain, plus this was in the days where vehicles were a new technology. But they created some machine that helped them bring down the rocks of silver and gold down where they could harvest it properly. The view left me in awe and the feeling here made me realize why so many would live in a place like this. Everything held tranquility in its grasps. I breathe in deeply and exhale, feeling a calmness.


And a New Beginning



The waves crash against the land. Over time, the limestone rocks transform into jagged pathways. A natural piece of artwork is left to stare at in awe. This place is streaming with tranquility.


Newest fotos 4345.jpg

Reality smashes into the dream world, becoming one. Cascading falls wash the city away, leaving a vast emptiness. Soon after, life begins there. Faster than the eyes could see. Now tall trees stand with lush green leaves swaying in the breeze. Birds chirp flying to and fro in the now enormous forest. The air smells better, and a stress that was unknown to me, left my side. A waterfall tumbles to life next to the forest. Fish begin to try and jump up the massive falls. A buzzing of bees takes over the sky and then disappear in the forest. Following in the bee’s path are flowers that burst out of the ground. All the colors of the rainbow are left on the outskirts of the forest.

Out of nowhere a brown bear appeared on top of the rocks where the falls begins. He tries catching the fish. Finally, he gets on in his mouth, and walks away happily to yet another forest that has been created.




Just another day in South Dakota. The land of solitude. Perhaps the unknown will saunter out of the woods to finally greet me.

My sporadic thoughts melt into one. Oh, how I would be different, if my choices hadn’t led me down this path. The strength I have, was built by necessity. I use to just react on impulse, no matter the consequences, but my patience has grown. Now, I try thinking things through and weigh the pros and cons. What lay in front of me now?

Linville, North Carolina

Adrenaline pumps through my veins. The excitement of a new adventure, I can see it on the horizon. Almost there.

The past is conjured back up. A cloud hangs over the presence of this old lover. My memories resurface and my heart accelerates. We hitch hiked together, traveling the west coast. My old road dog and I even hopped on some trains together. But in that time, he was missing that essential thing to give in return, respect. I was battered with his words and then, his actions. And here I thought, he liked me. No, he just liked replacing me with other girls on our trip. I guess he thought he could have both worlds, but I wasn’t going to stay by his side. I moved on, hitch hiked, just me and my loyal dog, Clyde.

My retched past I reflect on now. Yes, it was pretty bad at times, but if I never had that past, how would I know how good I have it now? Life is a double sided sword. You have to have the bad times in order to be grateful of the good times.

The Trip! 770

My heart now beats only for one. He captured it with his chivlary and stubborness. It was when I was still young and naive, thinking I could take on the world. Then my accident happened. This boy, still, was there for me, and his stubborness helped me not hurt myself even more than necessary. Never in my life would I have ever imagined myself with a Knight in shining armor. Okay, so maybe his armor’s a bit dirty and rusty, But that’s just the kind I like. Without this man, I would be missing pieces of myself.

Cherished Past

My most cherished memories would be my trip to Peru and Bolivia.
To be even more specific, it would be the day after the parade/festivities involving ink and foam, which was covering the streets.


My husband, who at the time, was just a friend came to the hostel to meet up with me. In Peru, we traveled together, but after two weeks, we went our own ways. While being in Bolivia, he came that way, and we met up a few times when I was traveling.
So he came to the hostel I was staying at, he couldn’t find what room I was in, because he didn’t recongize me. I was covered head to toe in purple and blue dye. The night before I was doused in ink, but since I was doing it back, it was expected.

Back to reality, my head pounded relentlessly. That Swedish boy coaxed me to go into the swimming pool, with a push. Then he jumped in after me and began scrubbing my ink infested body. About a half an hour passed, and I was clean as I could be. My head was still persistantly banging, and my energy was lost.
So we cuddled on my bed. I gave him my phone with a Thor game on it, his weakness, I found. Now at this time, he being a busy body, didn’t like staying in one place for a long time. But he did it this time.
As I had my head resting on his firm chest, I could hear his heart thump a steady beat. Then and there, I was washed over with a feeling of safety and comfort. Sleep soon took over me wiht the tune of his heart

Cave Life

Bats, come out, come out wherever you are!

I’m being swallowed whole and left in the dark. Everything seems closer to me than it actually is. Going into the Blanchard Springs Cavern your depth perception becomes a liar. Surrounded by rock and learning how it all was created was pretty amazing! And to think, it’s still alive. Like a living breathing thing, except it can’t move. Darn cave! When it is freezing outside, it would stay warm in here, in its belly.


This newfound white fungus, is wiping out cave bats! Fatality a year to the ones who get it is 90%! Soon these bats will become extinct! Our life cycle will alter once again, not for the better either. Many don’t realize how it’s the small things that play a big part in the eco system. 

Come one, come all! Step up and build the bats homes!


Decorations start consuming the streets. It’s the beginning of December, everyone’s stirring, even a mouse. It seems Christmas starts early in the U.S.. No matter where you are.
Our journey is still going smoothly. Yeehaw! Hanging out in Dallas, Texas!
We stumbled upon a stampede of cattle, rampaging in a park! They were ferocious with their long steel horns. These metal beast trying to ambush us! Good thing they are stuck in their places! They can’t stand up to my almightyness! Hah!


On the Road Again…

The quickness on getting out of here has begun. A recreational trip to the beauty forgotten by many.
Surrounded by people will dwindle and come back sporadically with every new town and city.
22 states in 3 months with 2 cats, 1 dog, and 2 humans. All crammed in a van, what a treat!


Pieces of the puzzle are now finally aligning. It will soon be finalized. Follow the lines that are left in the shadows to find the greatest surprise.
Now we are definitely testing the waters. If this tie can handle it, a trip like this. Nothing we come across will be able to break it! Our strength will prosper!

Oasis- Colca Canyon- February 1st, 2014

I´m aching everywhere. And here I thought I was in some kind of good shape. Well, that mountain showed me. It must be absolute madness to live in a place where if you ever want to leave, it´s a 5 hour hike up a mountain to get to some little town in the middle of the canyon deeper than the grand canyon.

We find out we can take this other route, this isn´t so daunting. It´s only an hour and a half long. Now, we are on our way to another tiny village in this huge canyon. Left foot, right foot.

Colca Canyon (Near Arequipa)- January 31st, 2014

The sun is pounding down on me. Every step I take feels as though my knees will give out. The mix of rocks and heat begin to melt my shoes down to an uneven mess. Not much for heels now. But I keep pushing. The two girls that I have met up with can do it, so can I. ¨These boots are made for walking…¨ I imagine at the Oasis there will be someone waiting for us ¨You did it! Great job!¨ Instead, all that was waiting for us a not so happy guy. ¨You´re at the wrong hostel.¨…Fuck… We started at 4000 meters and went down the Colca Canyon to 2000 meters.

Tomorrow´s going to be a fun da



DAY 4: Amazons- January 13th, 2014

So, in the middle of the night, in the second night, we got flooded. We had to hurry and set up camp once again in the rain at 4am. Once the day started, we went walking through the jungle. We saw a truantula hanging out on a tree and also other insects. The guides cut through the jungle with their machetes, showing us the way to where ever we were going.

The third night, we also got flooded, moving camp again. The water just kept rising, so not much for walking today. We did make it to a gigantic tree, which one of the tour guides climbed, then was followed by the german, and then the swed. Not me, no way, too clumsy ecspecially that height.

Cards has been a big filler for time. Asshole, the german way is what we have been playing. It tends to make the German and I butt heads at times. Ï´m the President, suck it!¨ The swed ends up as the middle man, he gets to enjoy watching our bickering. It´s a good thing the German speaks spanish, because neither of us do. We found out in the black water, you can swim and it´s safe, or so we were told.

Twice, we enjoyed the cool water in the heat. The last time we jumped in, we saw a tarantula on top of the water. The German with his curiousity, got closer. It suddenly dived into the water. Spiders do that (at least tarantulas do)! We all started swimming frantically back to the boat. That was close.

Toucans, many other birds, and some dolphins are some things we got to see. Then of course, me being me had to bring up. ¨Did you know dolphins rape people 14 times out of the year?¨And of course no one believes me…

I guess, it was an article and they don´t have any evidence to back it up, but chimps are known to be violent involving sex acts. So why, if dolphins being so intelligent, why wouldn´t they have violent sex?

Moving on, around 8pm, we were taken out on the boat to go and see some gators. One of our tour guides just jumped into the dark murky water. He is gone for about 5 to 10 minutes, while we are sitting in darkness. He comes back holding a 4 month old gator. Of course, we ooh, and aaahh. It´s scales feel so soft, we try taking some pictures but the flash isn´t working the greatest.

Earlier that day, a river that we walked to was overflooded. There were fish everywhere. We got them with machetes! How badass are we? ! We ended up getting 8 (most caught by our guides). What adventures in the jungle! We learned how to make fishing rods, learned how to make our shelter, and how to make fire as they did when it was pouring! We are amazing! Now we are the pros of the jungle! Hear us cackle as if we were the thunder!!amazon