The Vibration of Realization

I’m drenched in perspiration.  The thundering noise still echoes through my head. I still don’t know how I could react as I did, or even why. But it keeps replaying in my mind.

The choices that tumbled out to choose from were quickly snatched. My mind was racing, but I grabbed what I felt I was going to need. I have an inkling feeling of what the future holds. I will prevail.

My future begins to unravel in front of my eyes. It is as I thought, I will just have to stick with the choices I have made and my gut feeling. In that instant, the roar began. My whole body shook. The ground began to vibrate and many people started to panic. 

Without even thinking, I climbed a tree and spotted from a afar. A herd of buffalo came pounding toward us. Quickly I scanned the people.  It was decision time. I yelled down and told everyone to climb. The ones that could did. But a few older people were crippled and two children were struggling. 

Not much time was left. 

I climbed down with such force. I felt the urgency calling out within my body. The two kids were crying frantically. I grabbed the smaller one and ran to the tree beside me with people. There were open arms awaiting the child. I tossed the little girl to the couple and they held onto her as if they were her security blanket. 

The ground began to rattle even more. It was beginning to become hard to keep my balance. The little boy had followed me and I threw him onto my back.” Don’t let go! Hold tight!” I yelled over the thunderous pounding. I could see the herd now as i started grabbing the first branches. Just as I and the boy got out of reach, the buffalo came bolting through. A gust with tremendous force hit us with dust. My heart sank as I knew the 3 o,dear people didn’t make it. 

We waited until the dust had settled before moving. Once that happened, many began to climb down the trees. The boy hopped up onto my back again and we descended down the tree. He jumped off of me and sprinted towards his little sister. 

Blood was splattered everywhere. None of the older people that were left on the ground were moving, except one. An elderly woman held out her twitching hand. I ran over to her and took it in both of mine. Her body was bloodied and her intestines were sprawled out. 

There was no saving her and she knew it. My heart sunk. We both knew what had to be done. I grabbed the knife I chose earlier and held back my tears. “Do it.” She gurgled through her bloodied mouth.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered and sliced her throat as tears began to fall from my face. I dropped to my knees and sobbed.

You can’t save everyone…


A whirlwind for the Heart

That day felt surreal. I wasn’t fully there once it happened. I didn’t believe my eyes as it unfolded right in front of me! 

               The day was filled with rays of light and a warmth when it touched you. We met up with a friend and her kids at the lake. It was a nice day to relax at the lake surrounded by many colored trees. Once the sun began to descend, we started packing our things. My husband and I said our goodbyes and loaded up Clyde (my dog). We drove to our road, and as usual, we let Clyde out so he could sprint in front of us. After a few seconds, Clyde’s back legs locked up. His body was in midair and then fell to the ground. As I saw this, my whole body went into panic mode. Birk stopped the car and rushed to him. Clyde kept trying to come to us as he dragged his back legs behind his body. My husband picked him up and looked him over. I was already waiting in the back so I could be next to Clyde. But once he was in the back, he didn’t want to sit still. It was painful to watch him try to use his back legs. His balance was now non existent and he wasn’t listening when I tried to make him relax.

Birk called a vet and explained our situation. Clyde was put on house arrest with 24 hour watch. My eyes watched his every move. I stayed by his side a few days after that as well. 

When it had happened to him, it looked as though his rear legs detached from his hips. But overtime, it was beginning to get better. He must have had major cramps happen in his back legs that just were stuck in a stiff outstretched position. 

Since then, he now gets healthy organic ingredients put into his food. They help with aches, arthritis, and many other things. He has sprouted into a puppy again. You would have never known he went through that! His body is once again, fully functional. 

But that day, my whole world was at a stand still. I’m not oblivious to the fact that dog’s lives are shorter than a human’s. But to have someone by your side almost all the time for 11 years and this happens is devastating. He has travelled on boats, rvs, jet ski, cars, 4-wheelers, and planes with me. While I hitch hiked in America for around a year, he was by my side. Much of America we have seen together! We have seen 3 countries together now! My husband quickly grew fond of Clyde. Now the three of us and our two cats have ventured to many places.

Clyde is my animal soul mate, and he always will be! I had a protector when I was in sticky situations. He is more than a dog, he is part of my family. 

La Paz, Bolivia- Get Hammered!


The three of us gals have now separated. What a sad day! But what timing, the Irish couple are also going to La Paz.
I awoke to find vomit on my shoe. I’m guessing someone must have thought it would be funny to throw up on my shoe because it can’t possibly be mine! Even though last night’s a bit foggy… and I did mix my drinks…okay you got me. It was me. I’m the culprit.

Night after night, drinking ensues. Wild Rover Hostel, how you wrecked me last night! I don’t see how these people can do it day after day. It’s cheap here, so that helps with the drunkenness.
Next mission, don’t drink! Can she do it?


In the morning, we are going on the DEATH road! Dunn, dunn, duuunnnn!
Will I survive?

Drink, drink, drink!

Alrighty, I have a plan and a headache. Hopefully the strike is over so I can leave this boring town of Puno to La Paz, Bolivia. 

I met up with the Irish couple last night, and of course there was drinking… But I have learned! I only got a bit tipsy! Yay! 

I don´t know what it is about me, but if someone asks me personal questions, I just answer brutally honest. My past gets pretty mucky, but people are enthralled by it. ¨You were left home alone a lot when you were little? And you were locked out of the house how many times?¨ ¨Well, yeah, and a lot…¨

¨You´re only friend was a camera?¨ ¨For a bit, yeah.¨

I guess I am not ordinary. I mean, I hitch hike, have train hopped, been homeless. But I love what I do! I embrace my past, it has made me who I am… A bit off… Wacky… That´s me. Normalcy, what is that!

After the Irish folk and I went our separate ways, I started headed my way back to the hostal.

Wait, what is that? I hear music. Of course my curiousity gets the best of me. I follow the noise, and find the locals dancing in the street and playing instruments. Everyone had those things that you twirl in the air that clank. 

Once I decided to leave, I realized, I had no clue where I was. So with my perfect spanish I tried getting directions. ¨Donde…uhh… Bothy Hostal?¨ A local man lets me know that I´m very far, spacing his hands as far a possible. Another tourist, but still a peruvian guy walks me back. 

He looks like a nerd, so I know I´m safe. We end up getting lost together, I guess that´s better than alone. I almost walk into the DANGER ZONE! But nerd man stops me. I´m glad I know what danger is in spanish. Me being me, I question it, ¨Why? Por que?¨ Sometimes I´m such a child. Give me answers for everything.

If I don´t speak someone´s language, it´s like we are playing charades. He acts like he has my backpack on his shoulder and it getting snatched. ¨Someone will steal my bag!¨ Yay! I got it right! Gold star for me. We decide not to go that way.

After getting wrong directions from many locals, I recognize where we are with my spidey senses.

Finally, the hostal, a bed, sleep.

…Puno…Next move- February 5th, 2014


Boredom has a heavy weight on my shoulders. What to do, what to do. Three ladies, now possibly going on different paths. But of course we will see eachother again. I will wait, until the Irish couple get here, then off to Bolivia! A new adventure.

It seems I´m always someone´s sugar momma. It began months ago, in the states. I never have that much but I have enough to help others. The first couple of times, being sugar momma and all. I got paid in sex, which was fine for me. But now, I´m not getting anything!¨Whoa whoa, someone´s gotta pay the sugar momma!¨

On this trip the Swed has kept me happy, making up for the German. Before I even knew the German that well, I became his sugar momma. I also was the Swed´s sugar momma. Then once we went our separate ways and I met up with these two girls, The Australian, and massachusetts, I became their sugar mommas. This is a weird cycle… I´m going to have to go hunting for my next prey, I´m getting hungry…

January 8th, 2014

I´m on my way to Laguanas.  It´s strange how the natives tend to not care about personal space, except these tour guides are different. Hammocks on a sardine filled boat, yay!

While in our Hostal off of the Amazon, we met an interesting German fellow. We talked for a while, and he is a very persuasive man, Ït´s a once in a lifetime opportunity…¨And now my friend the Swedish and I are on a boat with this German that we hardly know, going into the danger infested jungle for 4 days… Will we survive? Tune in next time to find out…

January 7, 2014

Gocta WaterfallsIn Yurimaguas, Peru (near the Amazons). It is beautiful here, and all the people are so welcoming. I found out that I´m considered exotic here because of my porcelian skin (oh, lucky me)! Slowly, I´m picking up on spanish, not many people in this town know english. My thoughts are a bit scrambled. I started my journey December 30th, in Lima, Peru. What a big city! 10 million people, 10 million people all bustling the streets together. It makes me suffocate! All these buildings, all these people.

I met up with my friend, (the only reason I came to Peru) and we ended up partying in Lima. Drunkeness captivated me, and some hit ons happened. Next day I was awoken by partying still. At the hostel they were still up and going strong. For about 15 minutes a guy talked to me about my eyes and, ¨How pretty they are…Wow…¨Oh, pleeaase… After that, our journey really began. We stayed at each town or city about a day or two, then moved to the next one. We were making great time, seeing so much. We saw Chan Chan, the Moche temples (Huanaco del Sol y de Luna). Also, we saw Kuelap, which I might add was AMAZING! It is this city that was built by the Vikings in the side of the mountain. The next day we went to see the Gocta Waterfall in the pouring rain. But a rock slide happened so we couldn´t get any closer to it.

Silence is what this trip has been filled with. My friend doesn´t tend to talk very much. For only knowing him for a couple of months, it´s quite a leap to take to start traveling together in a different country. What was I thinking… So good so far…