The Vibration of Realization

I'm drenched in perspiration.  The thundering noise still echoes through my head. I still don't know how I could react as I did, or even why. But it keeps replaying in my mind. The choices that tumbled out to choose from were quickly snatched. My mind was racing, but I grabbed what I felt I... Continue Reading →


A whirlwind for the Heart

That day felt surreal. I wasn't fully there once it happened. I didn't believe my eyes as it unfolded right in front of me!                 The day was filled with rays of light and a warmth when it touched you. We met up with a friend and her kids... Continue Reading →

La Paz, Bolivia- Get Hammered!

The three of us gals have now separated. What a sad day! But what timing, the Irish couple are also going to La Paz. I awoke to find vomit on my shoe. I'm guessing someone must have thought it would be funny to throw up on my shoe because it can't possibly be mine! Even... Continue Reading →

Drink, drink, drink!

Alrighty, I have a plan and a headache. Hopefully the strike is over so I can leave this boring town of Puno to La Paz, Bolivia. I met up with the Irish couple last night, and of course there was drinking... But I have learned! I only got a bit tipsy! Yay! I don´t know what it... Continue Reading →

…Puno…Next move- February 5th, 2014

Boredom has a heavy weight on my shoulders. What to do, what to do. Three ladies, now possibly going on different paths. But of course we will see eachother again. I will wait, until the Irish couple get here, then off to Bolivia! A new adventure. It seems I´m always someone´s sugar momma. It began... Continue Reading →

January 8th, 2014

I´m on my way to Laguanas.  It´s strange how the natives tend to not care about personal space, except these tour guides are different. Hammocks on a sardine filled boat, yay! While in our Hostal off of the Amazon, we met an interesting German fellow. We talked for a while, and he is a very... Continue Reading →

January 7, 2014

In Yurimaguas, Peru (near the Amazons). It is beautiful here, and all the people are so welcoming. I found out that I´m considered exotic here because of my porcelian skin (oh, lucky me)! Slowly, I´m picking up on spanish, not many people in this town know english. My thoughts are a bit scrambled. I started... Continue Reading →

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